Q&A With Paul Pasqualoni Pt. 2

Syracuse head football coach Paul Pasqualoni sits down with CuseJuice to answer some questions on the upcoming season.

Q. Do you think Eastern football isn't getting the respect it deserves?

A. Eastern football has had an identity crisis for a long time. I can remember being an undergraduate at Penn State, being on some great teams, and those years, Eastern football didn't get the respect it fully deserved. I think that's a battle in the northeast. There's been some great teams over the years. Syracuse has had some great teams. Penn State has had some great teams. West Virginia has had some great teams. Pitt has a great tradition. But I think it's a battle we keep on fighting in the Big East. We have to show the Big East is viable.

Q. Are you concerned about the future of the Big East – that only one team in your conference is ranked in the top 25?

A. That's why you play the season. It doesn't matter where people are in August. It matters a whole lot where you are in January. That's why you play the season. By the end of the year, the Big East is going to be a good year.

Q. Have you talked with the new chancellor about expectations?

A. No. Expectations are very clear. Our goal is to be a BCS team. That's how it's always been. That's what our fans want. That's what our coaches want. That's what our players want.

Q. Diamond Ferri got in some trouble over the summer. What can you tell us about Diamond?

A. Diamond was in the wrong spot at the wrong time. There will be consequences. Diamond will have to face the music.

Q. Will he be playing this year?

A. Absolutely. He'll open camp.

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