Q & A With Chris White

Chris White coordinates SU special teams and coaches the tight ends and is also in charge of Syracuse recruiting. He has landed such names as Joe Fields and Arthur Jones despite changes in conference and two-straight mediocre seasons. White sits down with CuseJuice for an Inside look at Syracuse recruiting.

Q. Many of the kids who you've recruited have said you're a down to earth guy. Would you say that is your recruiting style?

A. You can't be something you're not. I am who I am. I'm not going to try to get in a situation where I'm this person here and in recruiting I'm a different person. That's my personality. That's how I recruit. There's nothing fancy about how I recruit. My goal is to get to know these kids on a personal level where I can feel comfortable, not so much as a player-coach relationship, more as a friendship. That's the approach that I take. It's been successful. We don't sell anything that's false. Our program is that way. Coach Pasqualoni, when he does his visits, there's no Pomp and Circumstance there. We try to put on a good display, but it's not like when them come on their official visit then all of the sudden, they come here as a freshman, it's completely different. We sell a package, we want kids graduate and we want to win football games. That's what we're about. The third thing is, community relations. That's what we're about. That's the approach I take in recruiting these kids.

Q. Do you think it's become harder with Miami and Virginia Tech leaving to recruit?

A. Everyone's asked that question. To be honest with you, yes, it has. The ACC, these kids, they're interested in the ACC. But at the same token, there's plenty of kids out there that are good enough players. Our goal is to try to keep the New York kids home. Some of them want to leave. Some of them want to go to college outside of the state, and I can't blame those kids. But we want kids that want to be a part of this program, part of the tradition of the program, and there's a specific profile of a kid that we're looking for, and if they fit that profile, then we're going to have good success.

Q. How much does your non-conference schedule play into recruiting?

A. Our non-conference schedule is as tough as anyone's in the country. We sell that to kids in recruiting. We're going to play Florida State. We're going to play Virginia. We're going to play Purdue. Ohio State's on the schedule. We're playing Notre Dame. That's got to attract a kid. If he wants to play the best, hey, we're playing against the best. A chance to win the BCS conference, we have that opportunity. That's what we're trying to sell right now. Plus, the university. It's a $35,000 private school. Our graduation rates are tops in the country. That's what we've got. If a kid buys into that, then we want him. If not, if he wants something different, we can't offer him that. We can't offer sun and the weather, 80,000 screaming fans, we've got some great fans in the Carrier Dome, but we have what we have and we try our best to sell it.

The Juice would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris White for his time. More on White can be found in this month's issue of The Juice.

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