Q & A with Jim Boeheim Pt. 1

Coach Jim Boeheim will try to lead Syracuse - ranked No. 5 in the ESPN poll - to its second championship in three years. Here's what he has to say on the upcoming season:

Q. What do you need from Craig Forth?

A. His defense has always been very helpful for us for how we play. His ability on offense to do a lot of different things - his passing, his screening. We'd like to see him continue to improve inside, his rebounding, finishing off plays. We feel he's capable of giving us more on the offensive end, but he's been a key guy in us winning the national championship and us going to the Sweet 16 in the last two years. He's a little underappreciated for what he's done. I think he'll show improvement. He's worked very hard this summer. He's made very good strides.

Q. How has Gerry McNamara come into his role as a leader?

A. Gerry is going to be Gerry. He's going to go out and play his game. I don't' expect anything different with that. He's maturing, getting better. Hakim is maturing, getting better. I expect our seniors to be the lead guys on this team. They're all proven veteran players that know what it takes. They put the time in, they work hard. They'll be the key guys for us in terms of the leadership of this team.

More with coach Boeheim can be found in this month's issue of The Juice.

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