Q & A With Hakim Warrick

Hakim Warrick has a chance to be one of college basketball's top players this year. What is in store for the senior?

Q. You could've jumped to the NBA. Why did you stay with Syracuse?

A. I came back for a reason, and that was to be the number one player in the country and definitely to come back and win the national championship.

Q. Is there more pressure with all the guys coming back?

A. It's pressure, but when you choose to come to a school like Syracuse, it's just something that comes along with the territory, to come out there and perform. I think we've got more than enough guys to come out there and get back to the Final Four."

Q. Compared last year's freshmen with this year's sophomores.

A. They're real important, just how much more confident they are coming into this year. They're really starting to come around. You can see the improvement from last year.

More with Hakim Warrick is featured in this month's issue of The Juice.

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