Syracuse Beats Pittsburgh, 38-31, in Double OT

Some notes and quotes from Saturday's Syracuse victory over Pittsburgh:


Walter Reyes's first quarter touchdown tied him with Floyd Little for first on the all-time list with 46. He also passed Little for third on the all-time scoring list in SU history. He is first among non-kickers...Jared Jones's 56 yard catch in the first quarter was the longest of his career. It took him only one quarter to surpass that, though. He caught a 60-yard pass from Joe Fields in the second quarter...Joe Fields's touchdown pass to Jared Jones was the first of his career...Syracuse is now 4-3 in overtime games and 2-0 against Pittsburgh in overtime games...SU is now 3-1 since 1991 when they wear their Orange jerseys.


"He's an awful good player. When you lose a back of the quality of Walter Reyes, we have the luxury of putting in another back who is an excellent back. We're blessed." - Offensive coordinator George DeLeone talking about Damien Rhodes's talent.

"I don't know if there are many teams that could come back from the embarrassment at Purdue, to come back from the tragedy of Florida State, to come back from the sound defeat at West Virginia where we played our hearts out and got nothing to show for it, come back and beat a high-flying Connecticut team, and then to lay it out on the line out there in the Dome against Pitt when Pitt has everything on the line...that's special for this football team." - DeLeone talking about the heart of the Syracuse team.

"Especially in the overtime, I thought the home crowd was tremendous today." - Head coach Paul Pasqualoni talking about the appreciation of the fans.

"Collin Barber came back from being benched and kicked a field goal that will long be remembered. He's been hollered at a lot, so now he deserves some praise." - Pasqualoni talking about Barber's contributions to the win.

"The coaches were quite confident. I wasn't as confident as the guys upstairs were." - Pasqualoni referring to the final play where the Orange stopped the Panthers just short of the first down.

"Persistence, persistence, persistence. It certainly wasn't pretty...but, anytime you have a chance to beat Pitt, that's a great win." - Pasqualoni on the overall effort of his team.

"Damien was determined, he was on a mission today. When Walter got hurt, you could see Damien had that look in his eye that he was going to carry the mail and bring it home." - Pasqualoni on Damien Rhodes's day.

"Oh no, no, no...don't say that "B" word in front of me. We gotta win six. Six is the number." - Senior center Matt Tarullo when asked about the possibility of becoming bowl-eligible with one more win.

"I think we could have rivaled the Red Sox." - senior lineman Adam Terry talking about the atmosphere after the win.

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