McNabb still a "fan" of Pasqualoni

Former SU star Donovan McNabb 1995-98, the All-Pro quarterback with the Philadelphia Eagles, met with mostly Syracuse-based media at the Eagles NovaCare headquarters in South Philadelphia on Friday afternoon Nov. 12.  He discussed a wide range of topics, highlighted by his support of Coach Pasqualoni, an acknowledgment that the facilities and recruiting need to be upgraded, and his position on the Board of Trustees.

On many SU fans being upset with the program's status: 

"It's obviously tough, it's tough right now for Coach (Paul Pasqualoni).  It was tough last year and the decision was made to bring him back another year.  (But) I'm a Coach P fan.  Some of the things I was able to do at the university, as well as some of the things that I plan on doing in the NFL is a tribute to some of things he did for me.  It's a decision (obviously) as a board member we'll have to talk about, but again, I'm a coach P fan and I want nothing but the best."

  On being a Board of trustee member:

"From a younger generation, I think the things in which I try to introduce is the mindset of some of these student-athletes on campus, and the things that can benefit them.  In participating, I also want to learn the financial aspect of things, the mindset of everyone else (on the board).  Get a chance to the talk to the chancellor and get a feel of where she's coming from.  It's exciting for me to be one of the youngest guys on the board."

  What is his influence, if any?: 

"You have to do what's best for the university.  Being a big supporter doesn't mean I have to keep throwing out there 'Keep Coach P.  Keep Coach P.'  I want to see Coach P stay.  We (the board) haven't talked about that issue yet of what's going to happen.  But you have to do what's best for the university and that's something that we will all come up with together." 

  On recruiting, is it declining? 

"We had some great athletes (Kevin Johnson, Rob Konrad, Keith Bulluck).  They've (2004 team) got some great athletes as well.  I don't know if they can play well together or whatever it may be.  From being an alumni and playing there, I know that it's not the coaching."  

On the change from Orangemen to Orange: 

"You put me on the spot with that one.  I remember sitting down and talking to my wife (SU women's hoop player Roxie) when it all came about and talking about calling each other just now Orange.  I'm and Orangeman, she's and Orangewoman.  That's the way it was when we were there.  That's kind of tough to call a woman just an Orange too, so I'm and Orangeman and she's an Orangewoman."  

On improving athletic (football facilities): 

"You will see a dramatic change (in facility upgrades) but that whole situation takes time and that's not something that happens overnight.  We will discuss the plan of where we want to go with it, but in the next couple of years you will see a big change in the university."

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