Men's lacrosse adjusting to post-Powell era

Syracuse moves into the post-Mike Powell era as it prepares to defend its 2004 championship. Here's what some of the Orange has to say about the upcoming season.

Coach Desko: "We're a pretty young team, with five of our top six scorers having graduated, so that's our big challenge for this year. Fortunately, the defense is back. Jay Pfeifer is back, so that should be a strength for us." "We're really coaching and emphasizing a team offense this year. We want everyone to touch the ball equally. That's what we're going to try to do."

Goalie and one of the captains, Jay Pfeifer: "We've got a lot of young athletes. Mikey Leveille's doing really well at attack. We've got some middies out there who've been stepping it up the past few practices. We've lost a lot of fire power so we need to have them step up."

Midfielder and captain, Jake Plunket: "I think we are going to prove a lot of people wrong if they think we're not offensive-oriented. I know a lot of these guys love to play the fast-paced game. Our attackmen love to run it up and down the field and score."

Attackmen Brian Crockett: "Certainly Mike (Powell) is one of the best players I've ever played with and it'd be great to have another year with him...That's a pretty special number (22) around here and I don't think anybody really feels that that's their spot to take that number, so we'll leave that with Mike and give it a year off or so."

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