Syracuse doesn't offer Brennan

<A HREF=[PlayerNode:1215737]>Greg Robinson</A>, holding a press conference on letter of intent day, also discussed Saddleback Community College quarterback Colt Brennan. A former quarterback at Colorado, Brennan was kicked off the team after "trespass and unlawful sexual contact," according to the University of Colorado Police Department.

Syracuse had shown high interest in the quarterback and he came for an official visit recently.

"When I initially got the job I was informed about a talented junior college quarterback in California," Robinson said. "I worked to get information about him, then contacted him and let him know that we were evaluating him."

"I made him aware of our knowledge of his skills as a football player, his success as a student, and his past problem at the University of Colorado. As time went on we continued the evaluation process, met his family, and did a lot of things to continue to gather information."

The information is what led to Brennan not being offered.

"We brought him to campus because when you talk about a situation where there are extenuating circumstances it goes beyond a head football coach, and I wanted to make sure that everyone who needed to be part of the situation was involved. After a thorough evaluation, we decided it was not our place to offer him a scholarship."

Still, Robinson was upbeat that Brennan would eventually rebuild his name.

"At the same time I wish him great success in his challenge to rebuild his name. I have confidence in him that he will re-establish himself as someone who people respect. I wish him well in his football career."

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