White at center of recruiting success

The biggest story of LOI day at Syracuse was Lavar Lobdell and Bruce Williams - two players that were being recruited by some of the top programs in the country, spurning other schools for Syracuse.

It was fairly impressive considering the time constraints that Robinson and his new staff were working on. Out of the 20 recruits that committed under Paul Pasqualoni, Robinson was able to retain 18 of them.

During his press conference to announce his recruiting class, Robinson said there were times he would take four or five plane trips a day. Sometimes, he'd have to remind his coaching staff that they needed to eat and sleep - then proceeded to point to Syracuse tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator Chris White as the poster child for all the hard work.

White, one of only two holdovers from the Pasqualoni coaching staff, was given high praise by Robinson.

"Chris is a hard working guy that stands for a lot of good things," Robinson said. "I've been in several homes where he's recruited several student athletes and he has more than just athletics on his mind. I think that those young people can feel that. That's a good quality. A really good quality to have."

White has drawn rave reviews from the student-athletes he's recruited as well.

"Coach White is a cool person," said Andrew Lewis, a recruit from Centerville High in Virginia. "He's down to earth and he's honest. He doesn't hype your head up and he let's you know how it is. If you do a good job, and you work hard, you're going to play."

Said PA tailback and SU recruit Lamar McPherson: "(Coach White) gets right to the point," McPherson said. "He doesn't lie to you. He told me, 'Look Lamar, after this year, Reyes is leaving, then they have Rhodes. After him, they need another guy. You can come in and compete.' If you don't play well, you won't, you know? Other schools, they'll have an All-American, and they're like, 'you'll come in and take his spot.' I want the truth."

And that's exactly what White tries to deliver to recruits.

"You can't be something you're not," White said. "I am who I am. I'm not going to try to get in a situation where I'm this person here and in recruiting I'm a different person. That's my personality, that's how I recruit. There's nothing fancy about how I recruit."

So far, it seems to have worked, and it leaves Syracuse in excellent position to start recruiting some of the elite high school players next year.

"We'll be in those battles for years to come," Robinson said. "As time goes on, we'll be in more and more of those battles."

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