Blatche leaning toward NBA

When I asked South Kent School (South Kent, CT) Head Basketball coach Raphael Chillious if his star basketball player Andray Blatche is still headed to the NBA he responded by saying, "As of now, his goal is still the NBA.

"He is only going to the NBA though if he is a guaranteed first round pick. If he cannot get that guarantee he will go to college. He is not interested in being a second round pick."

There have been a lot of rumors that even if Blatche wanted to go to college he could not because he doesn't have the grades.

"That is not true, Andray is academically qualified. When he first got here his grades were not good, but since he has been here he has done everything we have asked him to do."

When I asked Coach Chillious if there are any colleges that were still recruiting him he responded by saying, "There are not any schools actively recruiting him now but a bunch have said if Andray ever decides to go to college he has a scholarship waiting for him." Coach Chillious would not say what schools but they are all big name schools. Coach Chillious went on to say that Andray's future would not be known for another couple months as he has till May 14 to declare for the NBA draft.

Andray Blatche is a 6-foot-11, 240-pound Power Forward/Center that averaged 27.5 points, 16 rebounds, and 6 blocks for the South Kent School this past season. He led his team to the New England Prep School finals. Blatche is originally from Syracuse, NY where he starred at Henninger High School. Was considering Syracuse and West Virginia before he decided he wanted to try to go to the NBA. Many NBA draft experts consider him a borderline first round draft pick.

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