All Kinds of Ugly at UConn

Somber would be too kind of a word to describe the way the Syracuse football team felt after its 26-7 loss at Connecticut Friday. Head Coach Greg Robinson used a different word.

"Sick. I'm feeling like we got beat and outplayed in every phase," Robinson said. "I couldn't have imagined (being 1-4). It's not good. It sickens me really."

The disgust at the game didn't stop with the first-year coach. Rain-soaked defensive end Ryan LaCasse had this to offer:

"It's probably one of the ugliest games I've been involved in," LaCasse said. "I'm kind of in shock right now, it hasn't set in yet. We just didn't get it done out there."

Most of the frustration Robinson and his players felt was probably due to an ineffective offense that produced three turnovers and only 125 yards through the air. In the post-game press conference, Robinson was asked what he was going to do about the offense.

"That's a hard answer," Robinson said. "I really don't have that answer right now, I'd really be just talking if I gave you that answer, and I'd rather say nothing than just give you rhetoric."

Although Robinson said he felt his team was beat in every aspect of the game, he felt like the players kept fighting.

"I would never ever want to make a statement that I thought our guys tossed it in because I would never feel that," Robinson said. "The offense was still down there trying to do something. Defensively, we had several stops late in the third and the fourth quarter."

"They didn't like the way things were going, there's no question about that. But to (say they tossed it in), these are too good of kids."

LaCasse agreed.

"The one positive we can take from this is that no one gave up," LaCasse said. "We came out there and kept making them go three and out. We pulled together in the end and no one lost it."

Linebacker Kelvin Smith had six tackles in the game. He said the thought of "tossing it in" never entered his mind.

"It's football! We don't believe in (giving up)," Smith said. "We've got a great coach and we hate to disappoint him. That's ridiculous for us to give up. You're never going to see that out of our team."

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