Orange Looking for Frontcourt Help

To say it's been a pretty good two weeks on the recruiting trail for the Syracuse Orange might the understatement of the year. Mike Jones, Antonio Jardine, Rick Jackson, Dante Green. Not a bad haul for a fortnight's worth of work.

Add those names to the Niagara Falls dynamic-duo of Paul Harris and Johnny Flynn, both of whom committed to Syracuse in July, and you get a six-pack that'd make Auggie Busch green with envy.

Those half-dozen make up the foundation (and perhaps the walls and roof) of Syracuse's next hoops "generation". In fall of 2007, long-gone will be the names of GMAC, T-Rob, and Mookie…replaced with "Scoop" and his friends. The newcomers cover almost all the bases. Flynn, Jardine will fill the backcourt--Jackson, Jones and Green will fill the wings; and Paul Harris is the 900lb beast that'll play where ever he wants. Still there's a bit of a void in the middle -- the center for this "donut" of a recruiting haul. Jackson possesses the skills to grow into a center, but the Orange is out to make sure it gets a complete team in its 2006/2007 recruiting classes.

Technically, the Orange has two scholarships available. One could be used on a 2006 senior, or both could be used in to attract a pair of 2007 seniors. It now appears the Orange will pocket one scholarship for later use (historically, the Orange have rarely utilized all 13 scholarships in a given season), meaning there's one ‘ship on the table, and two main targets -- Dallas Lauderdale and Sean Williams. First come, first serve.

Lauderdale is from Ohio. His solid build and skills remind observers of Etan Thomas. He's a bit more comfortable on the defensive end, but shows flashes of untapped offensive ability.

Williams is a California kid. Long and lean. With a pterodactyl-like wing span, his forte is shot-blocking and ability to run the court. He's raw offensively and needs to gain strength, but his potential is substantial.

The Orange is courting both…and they're both good fits. Neither would have to assume a large offensive role out of the box and can utilize their defensive strengths until later in their careers.

Each could turn the "fantastic four" into a "fabulous five".

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