Front Court Struggles in Win Bethune-Cookman

The first win of the year was bitter-sweet for Syracuse University's big men. On one hand the group helped hold Bethune-Cookman to 37 points in Monday's 64-37 win, the lowest points allowed by a Syracuse team in seven years.

On the other hand, the big men turned the ball over 14 times against an inferior opponent.  Daryl Watkins alone turned the ball over seven times, many on entry passes into the lane he could not handle.


            "We're trying to get the ball to these big guys," Boeheim said. "And we're going to try and do that for a while, but not much longer. They're going to have to catch it."


            Boeheim pointed to wasted movement from the big guys when they did catch the ball.


"We're getting the ball to our big guys in good position and they're trying to pass it or dribble it," Boeheim said. "That's just nothing but a turnover. You can't have a turnover in that kind of situation. "


            Junior Terrence Roberts led the team with 15 points, and made some nice moves in the post, but also had three turnovers.


"We gotta cut that down by a lot," Roberts said. "Guards should be the ones with those turnovers, not us."


Watkins said taking care of the ball inside is something the team works on in practice every day.


"All we do in practice is make sure we get down low and get our hands ready," Watkins said. "Tonight, I didn't follow the rules."


Boeheim was discouraged, because if Syracuse can't play well inside against a team with only one player over 6-foot-7, how are they going to do against teams in the Big East?


"We're in trouble if we can't score against 6-foot-5 guys," Boeheim said. "And, right now we can't do that."

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