Weather Cancels Baskin Visit

Four-star wide receiver Andrey Baskin was unable to make it Syracuse this weekend for his official visit. Will he reschedule? caught up with Baskin for the latest.

For the time being Tennessee fans may be thanking mother nature, as four-star wide receiver Andrey Baskin from Woodrow Wilson High in Camden, N.J. was unable to make his scheduled official visit, due to heavy snowfall in his area.

"I was unable to make it out to Syracuse. The weather was really bad. I have still only been able to take the one official visit, and that was to Tennessee," Baskin said.

Baskin may be the top target on the board right now for the Orange, as he has been one of the most heavily recruited players in New Jersey. Schools like Ohio State, Nebraska, Florida, and Michigan have all been vying to land the services of the 6-foot-4, 200-pound athlete, but North Carolina State, Tennessee and Syracuse have separated themselves from the pack.

Baskin informed us of his status with those programs.

"I think I am still considering visiting NC State. They are not as high on my list as my other two top schools: Syracuse and Tennessee. They are definitely the leaders right now."

After being recruited by all of those other top-notch programs, Baskin saw something in Tennessee and Syracuse that set them apart.

"If I go to either one of those schools, I think I could go in there and play right away as a freshman. I think that is a big thing for me."

Baskin was unable to make it in this weekend, but after listing Syracuse as a favorite, Orange fans can relax as he is still planning an official visit.

"I have nothing else set up at this time. I plan to make up my official visit to Syracuse, but I have not rescheduled it yet." Baskin informed.

Baskin was being recruited early on as an athlete, and he could potentially play either side of the ball as he did in high school. Baskin feels that he projects as a wide receiver on the next level and the results on the field indicate the same.

"I played all right this season. I had 37 receptions and scored 10 touchdowns. I played a little bit of defense as well. I had some tackles, but I feel that I am much better on offense." Baskin has no time table set for his decision at this time.

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