Andrew Robinson Solidly Orange

When Syracuse quarterback coach Major Applewhite accepted an offer to become the new offensive coordinator at Rice, the question of how the move would affect incoming recruit Andrew Robinson was raised. The answer? Not all all, according to Robinson. His commitment to the Orange is still rock-solid.

"Coach Robinson called a few days ago to let me know what the situation was," Robinson said. "He was just basically letting me know that Major was going to Rice, and that they were still 100% committed to bringing me in. The coaching move will not affect my decision in any way."

Robinson understands why Coach Applewhite made the move and he is confident that another great coach will be selected to take his place.

"This move gave Coach Applewhite a huge opportunity. It is not everyday that a coach who is only 27 years old gets to be an offensive coordinator at that level. It also allows him to move back to Texas and be around his family. It may have even been a step up in pay."

"I am confident that Coach Robinson will put someone in there whose as qualified or more qualified than Major," Robinson said.

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