Andre Cirino Sets Up Visit to Syracuse

New York star running back Andre Cirino has scheduled his first official visit to Syracuse. He is also being recruited heavily by Michigan State, who at one time may have been close to securing a verbal commitment. Where do things stand now?

Andre Cirino a 6-foot-3, 235 pound running back from N.Y., has set up his first official visit after a successful senior season.

"We had an ‘okay' year," Cirino said. "I rushed for over 1500 yards, and we made it to the semifinals. I also played some defense, but most of the schools that are recruiting me are looking at me as a big running back. That seems to be what a lot of the schools are looking for in the backfield and that is something I can definitely bring to the table."

It was thought that Cirino might have issued a verbal commitment to Michigan State earlier this year, but according to Cirino, that is not the case.

"Recruiting is going good. There are still a lot of schools recruiting me pretty hard. I have not committed to anyone at this point and I am also considering attending a prep school. I think I still have offers on the table from Michigan State, Pittsburgh and Notre Dame."

Cirino also got in-depth about the possibility that he may attend a prep school for at least a year.

"I am keeping all of my options open at this time. I have been working hard on my grades, but if they are still too low, then I may have to go to a prep school. It may be the best thing for me anyway because it may allow me to adjust to college courses and allow me the opportunity to start college out on the right foot. I may take it all the way to September and, if I have to go to prep school, then that is what I will do," Cirino said.

Cirino has also set up his first official visit and it is to the home-state school.

"I am going to be taking my first official visit to Syracuse on January 20th. I am just excited to see what the school is like and see what the players are like. I want to see how I would fit in with the team and see what their attitudes are after having a rough season. I am pretty excited about it."

Although Syracuse has not extended an offer to Cirino, it's clear that they are high on his list, as is Michigan State. Does he plan a commitment anytime soon?

"I do not have anything planned at this time. I am just excited about my first visit -- if I do attend a prep school, then I will definitely keep all of my options open and go through the recruiting process all over again," Cirino reported.

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