After Loss, Boeheim Sounds Off

Syracuse lost to Connecticut 88-80 Monday, but that may not have been the story of the night. The post-game conference gave Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim a chance to voice his opinion about another issue.

Boeheim said he is upset with Syracuse's made for T.V. schedule. This past week the Orange played a game on the road Wednesday night at Notre Dame. The team then headed to Cincinnati to play a Saturday night game at 8. Just 49 hours later the Orange suited up for Monday's game with UConn.

"I've never been more disappointed to look at our schedule," Boeheim said. "Scheduling is too much in this league for television, and not enough for the players. Granted T.V. is important, but it shouldn't run the league, and it is."

Boeheim was especially upset with the timing of the Cincinnati game.

"The worst thing is playing Saturday night and getting home at 2:30 in the morning," Boeheim said. "That's just foolishness to have to do something like that. At least make it an afternoon game."

The fatigue from travel may have played a role in Syracuse's loss to Connecticut. The Orange looked stiff to start the game. Syracuse didn't score a point until a Terrence Roberts tip-in with 15:55 remaining in the first period. The basket made it 12-2 UConn, a lead the huskies would never lose. Senior Guard Gerry McNamara said fatigued or not, Syracuse shouldn't have started the game like that.

"We can't use that as an excuse," McNamara said. "We're pretty well conditioned. Your body is going to take some hits and bruises, but that's no excuse to come out like we did. We had some tough games on the road, but to come home and play flat in front of the fans is disappointing."

Still, there's no denying the short break in between games played a factor in Syracuse's loss to Connecticut.

"It's very tough because we get no rest," guard Louie McCroskey said. "And, tomorrow we go right back into class."

Assistant coach Mike Hopkins agreed.

"Connecticut is not the team you want to play after only one day of rest," he said.

The schedule doesn't get any easier for the Orange. Syracuse takes a much needed six-day rest before it hits the road again. The Orange plays Villanova in another Saturday night game, then heads to Pittsburgh for another big Monday game.

"Now we have to play the two best teams in the conference besides Connecticut back to back on the road," Boeheim said. "Again for television. (That's) Crazy. There are too many good teams in this league, and it's too difficult to stack the deck against people. It doesn't make sense."

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