Official Visits Impress Cirino and Baskin

This past weekend was one of the last weekends for schools to host official visitors before football signing day on February 1st. Syracuse used the time to make a big impression on two important recruits as they look to add to their haul in the class of 2006.

Andre Cirino a 6-foot-3, 235 pound running back from Susan B. Wagner High in Staten Island, N.Y., took his first official visit to Syracuse this weekend.

"I had a great visit," Cirino said. "Syracuse has really caught my interest after this weekend. I got along great with the players and the staff. They have a good class coming in, so that is something that is a plus."

Cirino also had the chance to bond with his player host while he was on campus.

"Dowayne Davis, from Christopher Columbus HS (Bronx, N.Y.), was my host on the visit. He was a great host to have. He told me a lot about what the college life is like and what it takes to play the game at that level. He really gave me a heads up on what to expect if I am going to play at Syracuse."

The two-star prospect updating the current status of his recruitment.

"Syracuse has really opened my eyes and I am applying to a program that will hopefully allow me to play for them. If I am accepted to that program, then I will definitely be playing at Syracuse. I just have to wait and see if I am accepted."

"I am also still high on Michigan State. If I decide to go the prep school route, then I will probably wind up there. If I go to a prep, it will be at Choate Rosemary Hall in Ct. (Wallingford), and then I will go to Michigan State. I definitely want to play at Michigan State or Syracuse," Cirino explained. four-star wide receiver Andrey Baskin from Woodrow Wilson High in Camden, N.J., is another prospect who had a great time on his official visit to Syracuse this weekend.

"My visit went real good. I really like the coaches and I really love what I saw of the campus. The atmosphere that surrounds the program is really positive," Baskin said.

Baskin also had the chance to form some great relationships with his player host and some of the other recruits while he was on campus.

"My player host was Tanard Jackson. He was a great host to have because he is a team leader. Having him as my host allowed me to get to meet a lot of the players and get a good feel for what it is like to be a member of the team," Baskin explained.

"I also had the chance to meet and hang out with some of the other recruits like Reggie (Fugett) and Andre (Cirino)."

Syracuse may also provide Baskin with an opportunity to see some action early on in his collegiate career.

"The coaches said that if I come in and work hard than I could definitely see the field as a freshman. That is something that is a big plus for me."

Although Baskin had a great time, he has not yet ready to come forward with a commitment.

"I am going to wait until signing day, before I announce. It is looking real good for Syracuse."

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