A Follow-Up with Mike Paulus

Editor's note: this story is the result of a call Mike Paulus made to Syracusefan.com senior writer Dominick Cappuccilli Tuesday night. Paulus asked for the second interview to clear up what he felt was the wrong reaction to the article from the public during the day Tuesday. While the interview was granted, Syracusefan.com fully stands by the credibility and accuracy of the original article.

Mike Paulus asked for an interview Tuesday night. The following article is the result of that interview:


"(Dominick Cappuccilli) did nothing wrong," Paulus said. "Everything (I said) except the remark at the end of the story saying Syracuse wasn't in my top 15 was correct."


Note: the reporter's notes show a direct quote from Paulus saying, "Right now, they're (referring to Syracuse) not in my top 15." Although Paulus disagrees, it should be noted we stand by our reporter.


Paulus said he felt the response from the public across internet forums and from word of mouth cast him as a "whiner." He said the public misunderstood what he was trying to say.


"I think people came across the article and thought of me as complaining," Paulus said. "It wasn't my intention at all. I was by no means trying to bring down the (Syracuse) program or take shots at Syracuse University."


Paulus said he visited Syracuse coach Greg Robinson after word of the article got out. Robinson immediately took the Christian Brothers Academy junior into his office.


"He asked me if there was something wrong," Paulus said. "I responded that I thought people took the article the wrong way. I apologized. He said, ‘No, I know you, I like you.' I have a really good relationship with coach Robinson."

Paulus did address some of the concerns he voiced in the article with Robinson.


"We just talked about recruiting," Paulus said. "We talked about communicating more often. He continued to say that it's been busy. I completely agree with that and apologized again if it came across the wrong way."


During Paulus' visit to the Syracuse campus he also got a chance to meet with new offensive coordinator Brian White, and new quarterback's coach Phil Earley.


"We just talked about getting to know each other and getting a real good relationship," Paulus said. "Each told me about themselves and their background. We watched some film and talked about where the program is headed."


Paulus said his positive relationship with former QB's coach Major Applewhite was important in his early enthusiasm about Syracuse, and the new relationships he establishes with White and Earley will also help determine where the quarterback decides to go to college. 


"I need to get to know (them)," Paulus said. "I want to concentrate on developing a relationship with the new guys. If I develop a really good relationship, and I really want to be around them, it will definitely influence my decision."


Paulus said he plans on going to Junior Day this Saturday at Syracuse. He also said after conferring with his high school coach, Joe Casamento, the two have decided this would be Paulus' last interview until he has committed to play football for a school.


When asked why he did this final interview, Paulus said he didn't want to be perceived as a "whiner."


"I don't want to get that reputation off of one article," Paulus said.


The junior has said he expects to make his verbal commitment to a school before the start of his senior high school football season                  

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