McNamara Sounds Off on Critics, Booing

The game was surely in hand for Cincinnati. The Bearcats had just taken a 19-point lead, their largest of the game, with 1 minute, 36 seconds remaining. Gerry McNamara was on the bench. All he heard around him was booing

"We know that we have to win games to get in (the NCAA Tournament)," McNamara said. "It's tough in this league, and it's tough when you get booed on your own floor."

McNamara also pointed to Syracuse's student newspaper, the Daily Orange. The publication ran two columns on McNamara last week. One arguing the senior is overrated and the other arguing the opposite.

"It's tougher when you have a lot of negative things going on around you," McNamara said. "Your school paper is bashing you, everyone around you is bashing you, and you're just trying to win games, and it's difficult to do.

"It's difficult to concentrate. You want to play well for your fans, and you want to play well for your family, and you come back and everyone's just hitting you from all sides."

McNamara said he believes the team doesn't deserve negative treatment, especially on its home court.

"Losing games isn't fun," he said. "Not knowing where you're heading after the season isn't fun. We're trying our best, and you have to be patient with us."

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