Catalina Nearing a Decision

Pittsburgh quarterback recruit Cody Catalina says he will make his decision of where to go to school in the next couple of weeks. Catalina, a pro style quarterback, has become Syracuse's top QB prospect since ‘Cuse native Mike Paulus decided to play for North Carolina.

Catalina's father, Ron, was impressed with how the Orange coaching staff kept its word and informed Catalina on May 1 if he was receiving an offer or not.

"Nick and I love the coaches up there," the older Catalina said. "Greg (Robinson) and the whole staff have been nothing but very nice guys. Greg promised Cody he would tell him what the deal was on may 1, and he kept his word. The offer came in that day. They're very loyal and honest."

Ron was more forthcoming than his son when it came to school choices. He said Syracuse is in the lead as of right now.

"(Syracuse) is probably where he wants to go to school," Ron said. "That might not be what Cody would tell you though. I don't want to speak for him though".

Catalina was more judicious in his explanation.

"I'm not going to say it's (Syracuse's) to lose," Catalina said. "Syracuse is one of my top schools along with Vanderbilt, and I'm not going to put them ahead of Vanderbilt because I haven't been to Vanderbilt yet."

Catalina and his seven-on-seven team travel to Louisville for a tournament this weekend. After the game on Saturday, Catalina and his father are going to drive down to Nashville to see the Vanderbilt campus on Sunday. Then meet the coaches on Monday. Vanderbilt has a standing offer to Catalina as well.

Ron summarized the visit best.

"We want to make sure he's explored all his options. This is not something we're jumping into head first. There has been a lot of study."

When asked to expand on what exactly study meant, Ron said he heard Syracuse was cold, so he really checked it out.

"I've been watching the weather channel and reading up," Ron said chuckling. "There is only three degrees difference in average temperature between Syracuse and Pittsburgh."

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