David Arnold Has a Top Three

David Arnold has a decision to make. Does he stay home and commit to one of the two Big Ten teams recruiting him or does he follow his former teammate Deleone Carter to upstate New York? Syracusefan's Jon Rothstein caught up with the Ohio wide reciever to find out the latest news...

David Arnold couldn't help but chuckle. He's used to being in the limelight, but he didn't know how to respond.

He'd never thought about playing in the NFL or who his game was similar to.

"Maybe Marvin Harrison," Arnold said with a laugh. "I have really good hands, speed, and physical, and my jumping ability. No one has really ever asked me that."

If he keeps up his production on the gridiron, the similarities may continue to evolve.

Arnold, a 6-foot-1 wide receiver and safety for Copley High School finished his junior season with over 70 tackles and seven interceptions. Offensively, he had 20 receptions for over 500 yards and three touchdowns.

"The top three is Indiana, Illinois, and Syracuse," Arnold said.

The allure of being in the Big Ten, staying the Midwest and close to home is a major thought on Arnold's mind.

"I know Ron Zook really cares about his players," Arnold said. "I've been to Illinois twice, its only 8 hours away, they're trying to build and get better."

"I don't want to go too far," Arnold said. "I want to stay around here. The biggest difference is exposure; the Big ten would be more exposure. All their games would be ESPN, more people watching."

While Arnold hasn't pinpointed a leader and has an affinity towards staying within the Big Ten, he's not shy about the possibility of coming to upstate New York and the Carrier dome.

"I really like they're coaching staff, I like their facilities," Arnold said. "My teammate, Delone Carter is going there; he'll be a freshman there this year."

With a strong senior year on the horizon, look for Arnold to decide soon where he takes his supreme talent. Whatever program gets him will be fortunate, but don't expect Marvin Harrison.

Even Arnold will tell you that.

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