QB Controversy Anticlimactic

You'd think that two people competing for the same job would have an uneasy feeling about them. Two politicians will never embrace each other. The same goes for a pair of lawyers competing for one spot at a firm.

But don't tell that to Troy Nunes and R.J. Anderson. Anderson, who supplanted Nunes for the starting job last year three games into the season hasn't turned back. Earlier in training camp, it was announced that Anderson would be the starting QB, but that has only made the two QBs become closer.

"We room together during the year, we room together on the road," Nunes said. "For two guys that were competing for the last two years and obviously now he's playing, we have as good a relationship as I think we can have."

Anderson and Nunes are equally good candidates for the starting position according to the offensive line.

"It didn't really matter to us who was starting we had confidence in whoever it was," said guard Erik Kaloyanides. "We have 100 percent confidence in R.J. It doesn't matter who's back there, we know we have to do our part."

Anderson will have the benefit of being the clear-cut starter at the beginning of the season. He won't have to constantly look over to the sideline every time he makes a mistake, and that can only help said head coach Paul Pasqualoni.

"(We're) very excited about the situation there," said Pasqualoni. "You know, last year at this time we really didn't know what would happen."

With one QB working with the wide receivers throughout training camp, the wide receivers have begun to feel a comfort zone with Anderson.

"I think the quarterback situation is great," said WR David Tyree. "R.J. obviously, led us to this 10-win season last year and to have somebody with as much experience as Troy as a captain it's a great situation."

Some have been scared off by Anderon's putrid completion percentage, but TE Joe Donnelly said that SU's 10-3 record speaks for itself.

"Statistics don't mean anything, we're not a passing team," Donnelly said. "When we have to make the big plays, R.J. makes the play. We're not a team that drops back and throws the ball 40 times a game. He does what has to do to win. Plenty QBs out there who can sling it all day long but don't win."

After Anderson and Nunes, SU has two young QBs that are ready to step in. Cecil Howard is going into his sophomore year and Perry Patterson will be a freshman.

"Cecil's been here for exactly a year and Perry is a fine, young talent so we've got four quality people there and it will be exciting to work with those kids," said Pasqualoni.

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