Boring? Absolutely. But you gotta love 'em.

If last year's 26-3 trouncing of Kansas State in the Insight.Com Bowl was any indication, it's that Syracuse football is boring.

The pace of the game was about as slow as my mother's driving (yeah, I went there) and I couldn't help thinking to myself that if I didn't go to this school, I would have flipped to the LSU game and watch my chances of winning $200 in pool play money slowly dwindle away.

The game was hard fought, full of sloppy plays, and as I mentioned before, incredibly boring game play.

Don't get me wrong; I enjoy seeing my football team win. I was rooting for them every step of the way, but for the history of college football teams, that team last year was almost as fun to watch as the grass growing on my front lawn. And the worst news is, it isn't going to get any better.

The defense as Paul Pasqualoni will incessantly elude to will be, ‘very, very, (and I'll add another very to emphasize Pauqualoni's constant use of the word) good.' And Pasqualoni is right. This Orangemen defense will return one of the best D-backs in the Big East, Clifton Smith.

Throw a few veteran returnees in the secondary and a youthful, but promising defensive line, and the Orange will rival last year's defense – though Dwight Freeny's hole will sorely be missed.

But it's the anemic offense that I have gripes with. R.J. Anderson was the best QB the Cuse could put up? R.J. '40 freakin percent completion rate' Anderson?

Oh mercy. The only thing that makes my stomach more easy at night is knowing that Troy ‘let's throw the football into the secondary and see what happens' Nunes is riding the pine. Nunes was about as useful as points on the show ‘Whose line is it anyway?' (the show where everything is made up, and the points don't matter).

One player on the offense that peaks my interest is freshman Damien Rhodes – the RB all the coaches are high on.

Forgive me for being pessimistic, but with the departure of James Mungro and the entire offensive line (minus the snapper), Rhodes is going to have a hard time finding any holes to run through. The line is too young and Rhodes is still brushing up on the playbook. Study up Damien, or it's going to be a long year.

The wide receivers, are adequate, if not spectacular at times. With David Tyree leading this bunch, it will be nice to know that when R.J. puts the ball up, 4 out of 10 times there will be a veteran receiver running a crisp pattern.

And then there are the special teams. The only thing worth noting is that punter Mike Shafer will set a new record for number of punts in a career. A testament to how futile the offense really is.

But we watch the games because we love our teams. We constantly tune in because of the passion of the game. Fans continue to flock to the Carrier Dome for the atmosphere and to be associated with the other 50,000 screaming fans.

So grab a beer and settle in. But don't be surprised if that beer is the only ounce of entertainment you'll get the whole afternoon.

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