Anderson Fails to Make Cut

I told you this was going to happen. Just one week ago I said that the quarterback situation in Syracuse would be the downfall of this team.

I said that R.J. Anderson was barely competent completing only 40% of his passes last year. And some said, "Yeah, but Anderson only threw two picks last year!"

Anderson threw a pick last night – if this pace were to continue, he'd have more than 5 times the interceptions that he did last year. And as for the completion percentage, 8 for 24 and a meager 128 yards speak for itself.

But to make my point more clear, Anderson turned the ball over three times. You can't have that for a starting QB. He's a poor runner on the option, and has a arm that makes Tim Wakefield (a knuckle-ball hurler for the Bosox) look like Perdo Martinez.

Then, with BYU on top by six, the Orangemen were at BYU's 33 and had a perfect opportunity to take the lead. But on third and 4, Anderson once again botched a throw leading to a Collin Barber shanking his 43-yard attempt.

BYU drove the ball all the way to the Syracuse endzone on the ensuing play.

Hmm, looking at my old column, I also said that Damien Rhodes intrigued me.

This kid is going to be a stud. Even with a weak offensive line that couldn't run the option correctly Rhodes ran for 82 yards and 2 touchdowns (no thanks to Anderson), .

But I'm being unfair to Anderson. After all, he can't catch the balls he throws.

What was Lenny Cusumano thinking?

If you don't know what I'm talking about right now, I'm referring to that drop in the endzone when it was fourth and 1 with the Orangemen on the verge of tying the game.

He was so wide open that a collective sigh went across the BYU crowd – that is, until Cusumano fumbled the ball. A streak of pain filled my backside after that one. Thanks Lenny.

But on the post game show, at least Cusumano didn't blame anyone. He put the blame squarely on himself, right where it should be. Maybe you should put some glue on your hands next time.

The real kicker of the night was listening to head coach Paul Pasqualoni talk about that drop. That guy uses the words ‘very', ‘really' and ‘awful' so much that I think he's… really, very, awful.

Yes coach, that drop ‘really really' hurt the Orangemen. I didn't know that already. Awfully good break down of the game, coach.

North Carolina will be heading up to the Dome next week. I've got my tickets. I'm pumped. I can't wait to see my predictions about this team come through – UNC 35, ‘Cuse 14.

Sorry guys. I'm betting against my own team.

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