One QB Will Get Redemption

North Carolina and Syracuse – two teams reeling from tough losses will battle at the Dome tomorrow.

I'm not to keen on this one. Last year, the possibility of Julius Peppers and Dwight Freeny going at it would have me up in a frenzy.

This year, the feature matchup will be my favorite (ahem) quarterback R.J. Anderson squaring off against Darian Durant.

Anderson coming off an 8-24 effort and three turnovers (two interceptions and a fumble) is only surpassed for Durant's 6 turnovers last week.

Durant looked like a lost child at the state fair throwing three interceptions and bobbling three other handoffs between him and center Jason Brown as UNC set a new record of 9 turnovers. Ouch.

Brown has been under the same microscope as his cohort in crime. A sophomore that stepped into the roll this year, his whole season could have been ruined by this disastrous afternoon. However, looking through the game notes and quotes from last week, he said all of the right things.

He admitted responsibility for the mishaps (see Lenny Cusumano) and sounded like he was headed in the right direction to rectify the problems. For Brown and UNC's sake, I hope so.

To take it on another level, Syracuse didn't lost a single game at home last year and is one of the loudest places to play at the college level. Brown better be taking extra care of his snapping problem this week – he won't hear anything inside the dome.

The only thing more embarrassing than turning the ball over was losing to Miami-Ohio. What a terrible way to open up conference play. The only thing Miami-Ohio has done is give Wally Szczerbiak a chance to whine about Kevin Garnett. (Speaking of which, why would Kevin Garnett make such a fool of himself on ESPN?)

On Syracuse's side of the football, giving up 42 points in the opener doesn't help. The secondary looked like toast against BYU's air attack.

Maybe playing over a 100 plays in Utah heat got to the defense.

Defensive back Will Hunter alluded to the fact that while the Orangemen did play out of focus, they shouldn't have played so poorly. Yeah, thanks Will. That quote was about as useless as Anderson was on the option last week. I guess the heat must have really gotten to you.

But all is well. Two teams reeling from an ugly loss can only mean one thing: One team will snap out of their funk.

Either Anderson or Durant will walk out victorious tomorrow. Either Syracuse or UNC will collect their first win of the season.

I just wish I was watching Freeny pound Durant into the ground.

We can't always get what we want.

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