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Since the last time we've chatted, the Syracuse Orangemen dropped to 0-2 with a 30-22 loss to UNC on Saturday night.

Since then, I've gotten some messages about the game and I've decided to open up the mailbag. So without further delay…

I know you think that R.J. Anderson is not the QB of choice, but at this point, would you rather go with Nunes?
Disgruntled Syracuse fan.

Anderson only threw 4-11 with one pick but objectively, I don't think this is Syracuse's problem. Getting 21 and 22 points out of this offense is more than fortunate. Their special teams have been great, and offensively, I think even Anderson has been adequate. Defensively, this secondary is consistently being beat and there is almost no pressure on the QB. The blitzes are coming at the wrong times and without Dwight Freeny blowing past linemen, this defense has a huge hole in it.

wuddup hack?
i know it's early, but you think this basketball team is good?
the rainmaker.

By ‘wuddup' I assume you mean ‘What's up?'. Well, I'm doing just fine as I type to you on this beautiful 90 degree day. Hoops? I'm definitely look forward to it as much as I've dreaded life without Freeny. Let's get one thing straight, I thought that Shumpert was a one dimensional player. He could shoot the ball and couldn't do much else. He didn't make his team better, and that was my largest problem with him.

Anthony should make this team much better. He's a great slasher, and if he developed more of a low post game, this team could go places. But then again, if he jumps to the NBA this year (and I think he'd flop like Washington's Brown has done), he could miss out on leading the Cuse to the final four.

Another guy to look out for this year is Gerry McNamara. DeShaun ‘I'm gonna shoot the ball whenever I feel like is' Williams is gone and so is James ‘I can hit three straight from downtown but I air ball it from the free throw line' Theus has opened up a huge opportunity. Originally fourth on the depth chart, he can actually grab one of the starting positions. From what I've heard, he's got a great shooting touch and has that extra sense of where players on the floor are. Excited? Oh yeah. But I'd want to see Anthony play (at least) two years before jumping.

Besides, when is the last time you heard of a Syracuse hoops star doing well in the pros? John Wallace? Please. Derrick Coleman? He's your best bet right now.

What is one thing you'd change about this (football) team?

That's a great question. I refer to Paul Pasqualoni as Pasqualoony, but if I had to point to one place specifically, it's the Syracuse secondary. The secondary got burned several times against BYU, and again against UNC. Too many big plays on third down cost the Orange the game. Stop the WR and TE, and the Orange have at least a split in their games.

Hack Johnson is a writer for SyracuseInsiders.Com who can be contacted at incarnate8@hotmail.com

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