Thump Uncensored

Thump has something to prove. He's not going to stop until you know that. This is Syracuse fullback Keith Belton, uncensored, in the first of a three part series.

How are you going to adjust after going 0-2?
We've been here before. The only thing we can do is stay positive and close as a team. We just have to believe and that's what we've been doing. We just got off to a bad start. We'll be all right.

On Damien Rhodes:
Personally, I think he's a really nice guy. He's a very patient running back and I think he's going to be great.

The biggest difference between JUCO and Div-I:
The main difference between junior college and here is the time we put forth. As far as meetings, media, study tables, practice, everything is first class here.

Difference between Syracuse and home: The biggest thing for me was getting adjust to the weather. Football is football. It's still a game it's still a sport. Nothing has changed. Junior high school, high school, college, it's all the same. If you're a good player, you'll be able to adjust.

Who do you see most off the field? I'm kind of a people's person. I'd have to say my roommates. Cederic Edmonds. Christopher Davis. Charles Simpson. Julian Pollard. I'm not a big cliquish person.

Where did Thump come from?
Personally, I know so many stories myself. I asked my parents. They have five different stories. I was in my mother's stomach and I was kicking a lot. Then my dad told me that I came out and he just had to find something to name me with. You can all me Keith if you want to. Thump is something that I've been called since a child. Sometimes I even forget my own name.

How have you adjust to academic life here?
In high school, I was an unfocused kid. I was the big name in the school and you figured you didn't have to do anything. I learned the hard way by not being eligible. Junior college really made me mature as a person academically. When I tore my ACL, I had to turn to the books. Junior college was easier than high school. Syracuse is even easier than junior college. Over there, I was taking 23 hours here I'm only taking 15. It's a little easier load here.

You tore your ACL?
I got to junior college, being the person I am, I was very cocky when I got there. I was talking junk to everyone. I didn't care who you were or where you were from. I was trying to run everyone over. It got to the point where I had more enemies than friends. You know when you come in you have to prove yourself. I think I did it physically, but they didn't like me as a person too much when I got there because they didn't know what I was about. One guy, a safety, got tired of taking a beating. He took a beating everyday. One time, he just took a cheap shot on me in practice. He came at me and tore my knee up.

Thump off the field. Taking the SATs. Back to high school. Next week.

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