Boeheim Previews Season pt. 2

Who will start? Can the hoops team really handle being so young? Is that actually a smile on coach's face? All this and more in pt. 2 of "Boeheim Sounds Off", a three part series.

I think everybody's young in college basketball. I don't think that we're unusual. There are still some veteran teams, and those teams will obviously be picked very high. But there's fewer of those teams than every before. A lot of teams have young players, a lot of real good programs have young players, and we're no exception.

Those rumors started about 10 years ago. Every year I get the same thing: you're a lot happier now. I can't psychoanalyze myself. I enjoy coaching. I wouldn't be sitting here if I didn't. I'd be driving my kids to school or picking them up or whatever I was supposed to do that I didn't. But I'd be doing something else if I didn't enjoy it. You get a little older and you're maybe not as intense about it as you might have been — you don't snap at people who ask the dumb questions. But I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

Syracuse we recruit kids who we expect to play hard and play well together, and I've never had a team that I felt didn't do that. We haven't always accomplished everything we've wanted, but I don't I've had a team in 26 years that I didn't feel was doing the things it needed to get better.

This team has been very good, but it's only been a few days.
Those (issues) are always troublesome.

Fundamentals are always important. But I think you're right, I think kids today are more mature, they've played more games and are more ready to play at a higher level. I think all through the years, most years we play one freshman, maybe two. And when you have to play two or three or four freshmen, there's going to be more situations that are difficult for them. They'll have to use their talent to overcome that lack of experience. That will be the challenge for this team.

(WILL NEW PLAYERS BE DIFFERENCE?) Yeah, we brought for different players in. I hope that will be the difference.
The best players play. Players determine who plays, I don't.

You're always disappointed when you don't play well at the end of the year. I'm sure the players that are back remember than and are disappointed with the way we finished the season. I'm sure that's something that motivates you.

This team passes the ball very well, better than most. We're bigger and stronger than we've been, and I think we shoot the ball pretty good. So I think we have some strengths that we didn't have last year, and hopefully we'll be able to capitalize on those.

He's a very good shooter.

Really right now, obviously, there's going to be a battle when Jeremy gets back at the center position, but there are still a lot of things that need to be determined. We won't know that for a couple more weeks, probably. We've got nine guys, and we've got six guys who can play two positions, and I think that will affect the fact that we really have more depth than it looks like, because of the ability of guys two play different positions. Although starting is always important, it will be a little less important this year. Some years when we've had 11 scholarship players, we've only played seven. But this year we nine scholarship players and I feel pretty confident that we'll play all nine.

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