By Air and By Ground, BC Ends Syracuse Streak

All good things must come to an end.<br><br>Syracuse's defense, ranked last in several categories in the Big East, allowed 511 yards and 41 points, and the offense could not keep up, halting Syracuse's three-gam win streak.

While the game was played through a snowstorm capable of elegant snow angels, SU's defense was far from angelic. Derrick Knight, Boston College's running back, made the most notable dent in SU's defensive armor, rushing for 171 yards. Add that to 284 yards passing, and you get the typical defensive performance from Syracuse that has plagued them all year. The secondary is like Swiss cheese with gaping holes all over the place. The front line goes long stretches without any significant pressure on the quarterback.

The difference between the last three wins and Saturday was that the offense could not keep chase. The running game with Walter Reyes and Damien Rhodes had its usual success. The two backs combined for 170 yards, and Reyes added to his single-season touchdown record, earning his 16th score of the year. The passing game, however, inhibited by the inclement weather, could never find a rhythm. Nunes was only 14-34 for 131 yards.

With the loss Saturday, one thing was locked up. For the first time in his tenure at Syracuse, coach Paul Pasqualoni will have a losing record in a season. At 4-6, the last game left on the schedule looks like a daunting task on paper. Syracuse has a date November 30th with Miami in the Carrier Dome. Most people will probably write off Syracuse in this game. Some might want to reconsider.

Just ask Virginia Tech.

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