SU Starts Season Where They Left Off

Syracuse Orangemen vs. Northwestern Wildcats Game Log.

12:10 – Impressive first drive by the ‘Cuse. Between Brinkley's 28 yard dash, catches by Lavar Lobdell and Donte Davis, the new offense looked impressive. Even when the drive stalled, it wasn't that bad, as Doug Hogue fought valiantly to get the first down and a slimmed-down Patrick Shadle promptly nailed a field goal attempt.

12:15- Wow! An interception by A.J. Brown stymies a Northwestern drive. Though the end result of the first Northwestern drive was good, the SU defense was getting gashed until C.J. Bacher's errant throw.

12:18- Back to more of the norm on offense, as ‘Cuse promptly goes three and out.

12:23- Orange defense looks decent, coming up with a huge stop on 3rd down and keeping Northwestern at bay, just outside of field goal range.

12:29- Greg Robinson with an atypical call to run the ball on 3rd and long; however, he is saved when Doug Hogue rumbles for the necessary first down yardage.

12:35- Northwestern continues to move the ball with ease on SU and the Orange barely dodge a bullet when C.J. Bacher's pass intended for Eric Peterman is just off target, saving the ‘Cuse a sure touchdown.

12:43- Aided and abetted by the first penalty of the day, the Orange defense holds again, just outside of field goal range.

12:45- Backed up deep in their own territory, the Orange begin to show flashes of their 2007 selves. Delone Carter fumbles on the first play and Andrew Robinson gets flagged for intentional grounding in his own end zone.

12:50- SU seems to be dodging bullets right and left, as the defense forces a three and out on a possession that started at midfield.

12:53- The running backs look very good so far, as Delone Carter atones for his earlier fumble with a quick jaunt down the sideline.

12:56- CLANK! The bad luck and demons of last season return to haunt us with Patrick Shadle's resounding miss on a 51-yard field goal that found the left upright.

1:01- I love how Pam Ward seems to disregard Syracuse's formidable broadcast journalism program, choosing to focus on Northwestern's for much of the segment. Talk about home field advantage from the commentators.

1:04- Why is Andrew Robinson throwing a 3 yard pass on 3rd and 10?

1:09- Do we plan on putting a man on anyone in the end zone? Northwestern finally breaks through when C.J. Bacher finds a wide open freshman for six.

1:15- See post from 1:04.

1:20- SU really needs to get a stop before halftime and right now, it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

1:24- One last defensive hold before the half and then Greg Robinson opts to take a knee with twenty seconds and a timeout to work with. Overall, a solid first half for the Orange.

1:47- What a start to the second half! Huge play by the defense, as Giruzzi scoops up the fumble. We've gotta punch this one in.

1:50- Not the best play calling by Mitch Browning, but Curtis Brinkley comes through with a big-time run on 3rd and goal, busting it to the outside after getting bottled up in the middle. Why do we keep running it up the gut when we've been having success off-tackle?

1:57- The Northwestern offense is plundering our defense and eventually our missed tackles and bend but don't break philosophy is going to come back to hurt us.

1:58- Broken play for Northwestern and, of course, the secondary can't keep tabs on the Northwestern receivers. Ugh.

2:02- Bad break on the PI call on Randy McKinnon, but the defense really needs to hold after the holding call on Northwestern.

2:04- As the red zone defense fails to hold, my mind begins to wander. We really need to get the downfield passing game going. Look for Lobdell, Davis and Bruce Williams on some hooks, curls and slant plays. Get Andrew Robinson rolling out for some play action looks.

2:11- Another disjointed offensive possession by the Orange, as they continue to try to run the ball up the middle and employ the short passing game.

2:16- Excellent hold by the SU defense. This one is definitely on the offense to step up to the plate now.

2:20- Nice predictable stop route on the three step drop on third down. (Groans)

2:23- Andrew Robinson has been under a ton of pressure lately. He completes this one to Donte Davis, who has surprisingly emerged as A-Rob's favorite target thus far.

2:24- Shaky chop block call on center Jim McKenzie looks like it will stall the most crucial drive of the game for SU.

2:28- Hanging on to hope by a thread through three quarters after a late hit penalty on Northwestern breathes new life into the drive. We've gotta punch this one in the end zone to stay in the game.

2:31- Corey Wootton is a MAN.

2:34- Marcus Sales is going to be a big-time player at SU.

2:38- As my updates become more short and sporadic, it can only mean one thing: the game is getting more out of hand.

2:45- Once again, Northwestern players are running unmarked in the end zone and the SU defense has been worn down by the hurry up Wildcats offense.

2:51- Down twenty and we're still running the ball up the middle. Do the coaches and coordinators have any idea how to play call?

3:01- Northwestern rams the ball down our throats with the run game and our misery looks like it will continue in 2008.

3:06- Mercifully, the game is finally over. Northwestern 30, Syracuse 10 is your final. Too bad this game was a 60 minute one instead of 30.

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