Northeastern Game Log

Game Log of Syracuse vs. Northeastern, Saturday September 20th.

1st quarter (beginning) – ‘Cuse could very well find themselves on the wrong end of the scoreboard early, as Northeastern will receive the opening kick.

1st quarter (14:00) – Northeastern is shredding the Orange defense already. Ouch!

1st quarter (13:00) – If Syracuse can't get off the field on third down today, they will lose. Not a good start here.

1st quarter (12:00) – McKinnon brings the noise! This kid's got a future in front of him. Finally, something to be excited about. And Anthony Perkins with the tackle for loss. D-line looking really good so far.

1st quarter (10:00) – Three straight runs by Brinkley to start the game. Though it's been successful, I was hoping for a little more creativity in the play calling.

1st quarter (8:00) – (Gasp). Brinkley nearly stalls the drive with a costly fumble, yet manages to get back on top of it.

1st quarter (7:14) – ‘Cuse uses Doug Hogue as a goal-line back after Brinkley's near-mistake. And finally, the ‘Cuse punch it in first. Team looked really good on the first drive.

1st quarter (6:00) – Orange linebacker Mike Mele looks a step slow and out of place on more than his fair share of plays thus far.

1st quarter (4:00) – Defensive lineman Anthony Perkins with another solid play as he records a fumble recovery that sets ‘Cuse up for its second position, already starting in field goal range
1st quarter (3:00) – Despite the holding call on Ryan Durand, Boonah Brinkley has been running with a vengeance and hitting the hole hard.

1st quarter (1:44) – Two stupid holding penalties are overshadowed by an athletic play from Cameron Dantley. He takes off for 20 yards on 3rd and long to set up a Patrick Shadle field goal. 10-0 ‘Cuse…things are finally looking up a bit for SU, albeit against a FCS opponent.

2nd quarter (14:00) – Jared Kimmel pressures Anthony Orio, forcing an overthrow on third down. ‘Cuse in control of this game right now.

2nd quarter (12:00) – Another conservative call by Greg Robinson on third down deep in his own territory. I won't rip him for this because we have Rob Long as a punter and it shows confidence in the defense which has been playing better today. Meanwhile, there is understandably not much for crowd noise in the Dome today.

2nd quarter (11:00) – If Syracuse is going to go anywhere this year, the secondary needs to be able to stay in coverage longer and hold down the opponent on third and long. Incidentally, Northeastern just made one of those seconds ago.

2nd quarter (9:00) – Safety Randy McKinnon with an excellent open-field tackle to stop Northeastern on third down.

2nd quarter (7:00) – Granted it's Northeastern, but that rollout from Cameron Dantley in his own end zone to fullback Tony Fiammeta was beautifully executed. Closely followed by a nice run from Curtis Brinkley on the next play. Donte Davis supplies an excellent block on the play.

2nd quarter (5:00) – As Lavar Lobdell makes just his third catch of the season, one must wonder just what is going to jump start the career of this extremely talented individual?

2nd quarter (2:00) – Mike Holmes barely avoids getting burned on a deep ball. Granted, he is giving up size to Northeastern's wideouts, but they are an FCS school.

2nd quarter (0:25) – Nothing can save Mike Holmes here. He gets burned, playing far too back in lax coverage on a Northeastern touchdown.

3rd quarter (11:00) – It's "Hogue-coming" here at Syracuse. That comment by the color commentator aptly describes the rise of sophomore running back Doug Hogue. Brinkley has stolen much of the spotlight with long runs, but it's Hogue who has punched it into the end zone twice today.

3rd quarter (7:00) – Some notes on defense. Bruce Williams, Anthony Perkins and Jared Kimmel have looked good so far today, while Mike Mele and Mike Holmes still leave something to be desired.

3rd quarter (3:00) – Offense is clicking. Defense is holding the fort down. With ‘Cuse up 24-7, we might be able to…gulp…look ahead to next week's Pitt game.

4th quarter (14:00) – Randy McKinnon gets burned for the first time today and Northeastern closes the deficit to 10 very abruptly on this long play. I must mention that Cameron Dantley has looked very efficient thus far, though he's falling under the radar a bit with Brinkley and Hogue's big games.

4th quarter (13:00) – The Orange needs to get more pressure on the quarterback. The defensive line has played very well, but if they can't put pressure on Northeastern, how are they going to do it in Big East play?

4th quarter (10:00) – Special teams note: Ryan Howard makes a nice tackle on a kickoff return, wrapping up the Huskies player and going for the strip at the same time.

4th quarter (9:00) – There were 34,000 in attendance at today's game?!? Exaggeration much?

4th quarter (5:00) – Doug Hogue is running strong. The sophomore has kept his legs churning all throughout the play which has made him tough to tackle. Meanwhile, Cameron Dantley is doing a superb job of managing the game. Though I'd like to see G-Rob take more deep shots and play action passes, the game plan for today has been well constructed and equally well executed so far.

4th quarter (2:00) – Excellent clock-killing drive that should wrap this one up for the ‘Cuse.

4th quarter (1:30) – Good to see Dan Sheehan up and around, pacing the Syracuse sidelines. The wide receiver suffered a broken leg in practice in August.

4th quarter (1:00) – Bruce Williams, the senior safety, cards his second career interception. It comes on a tipped ball, but Williams calmly gathers it in to seal the game.

4th quarter (0:00) – ORANGE WIN! ORANGE WIN! ORANGE WIN! 30-21 is your final.

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