Storm Sweeps Through Syracuse

Not many would be surprised to hear that a storm swept through the Syracuse area. People have grown to accept that there will be winter storms at least half the year. But the storm that came through last Saturday was not your average winter blanket of snow. Instead, a hurricane blew through Syracuse, as the Miami Hurricanes swept the Orangemen off their feet, 49-7, leaving nothing but disappointment in its wake.

Syracuse quickly found out once again why Miami is on a crash course to win their second straight national title. Less than two minutes in, running back Willis McGahee ran 61 yards for a touchdown. There was no looking back for Miami.

Anything Miami wanted to do, they did. Syracuse made very few plays to stop the 'Canes in their tracks. Quarterback Ken Dorsey and Miami could only stop themselves, and seldom did they do that.

One bright spot, though, for the Orangemen: THEY SCORED, something that they could not do against Miami in either of their last two meetings.

Ending the season on a sour note, the Orangemen finished 4-8, culminating a season of tremendous highs (see Virginia Tech) and lows (see Temple). There was the pleasure of watching sophomore Walter Reyes and freshman Damien Rhodes provide a very formidable 1-2 punch in the backfield. It was excruciating to watch the SU secondary, laden with upperclassmen who enjoyed much success just one year ago, get laid out to dry every single game. It was a good story to see Troy Nunes respond so well to a mid-season promotion to starter. It was ridiculous to hear the Syracuse faithful calling for Paul Pasqualoni's head after only his first losing season in his tenure at Syracuse.

With that being said, I do not wanna talk about it anymore. What's done is done, and Syracuse was well-done, as in they were smoked by many of their opponents this season. With plenty of problems to address, the offseason will be spent trying to get R.J. Anderson back to his 2001 form, finding people who can defend the pass, and getting another year of experience underneath the extra-large belts of the offensive linemen.

Hopefully Syracuse will be able to bounce back next year. We can only hope that they make as much encouraging noise next year as they did this year as the whole team made a collective thud, dropping close to the Big East cellar this year.

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