Syracuse – Louisville Game Log

SU comes up with first Big East victory beating L'Ville 28-21

7:05 – Special teams starting it off right with a stop of Trent Guy, the Louisville return man, at his own 14 yard line…and a holding penalty on the ‘Ville to boot!

7:07 – Three yards for Brock Bolen on third and short. Looks like it's just gonna be another day at the office for the Orange defense.

7:10 – Mysterious penalty on the Orange, second of this possession…most likely was a roughing the passer, as the Orange brought the heat on Hunter Cantwell, nearly coming up with first a sack, then a pick.

7:13 – Victor Anderson takes a screen pass and rumbles nearly twenty yards; at least two missed tackles on the play.

7:14 – One play later and little has changed on the defensive side of the ball despite the bye week. It can only get better after this season, right?

7:18 – Nice thought on the first play call, but Lavar Lobdell hasn't been much of a deep threat for us, more of a possession receiver. Good thinking, wrong personnel.

7:23 – Couldn't have made up a worse scenario to start the game. Louisville drives down the field in a prolonged touchdown march and the ‘Cuse O goes three and out.

7:24 – How sad is it when your punter is your team's best player? (Never mind. Don't answer that.)

7:25 – If you blinked, you might have missed it. Nick Santiago with A SACK! About as infrequent as Britney Spears actually acting like a mature adult.

7:31 – One man still plays hard every down. Curtis Brinkley has the determination to possibly make an NFL back someday.

7:32 – Excellent play call to take advantage of Louisville's over-aggressiveness. Doug Hogue out of the backfield for 36.

7:33 – Da'Mon Merkerson, really? I'm not complaining. Nice throw by Dantley. Now, SU's gotta finish.

7:37 – Glad the officials finally got that PI call correct. As the commentators say: Syracuse "deserves a break."


7:41 – Where's the killer instinct? 1st and 20…'Cuse with all the momentum in the world and they let Victor Anderson burst right up the middle for ten-plus yards.

7:44 – Jared Kimmel = young and raw talent, but still plenty to learn. See his foolish personal foul for a late hit on Hunter Cantwell.

7:51 – Good to see Mr. Fiammetta healthy again. Gets a nice reception out of the backfield and continues to put up some nice blocks for the manchild that is Curtis Brinkley.

7:54 – Merkerson is going to be a big-time player on offense once he gets acclimated enough in practice. He's looking very good today, even though he couldn't quite keep his feet in bounds there.

7:57 – Little too much arm strength from Dantley on those last two incompletions…or just a lack of accuracy.

8:02 – The Orange dodge a bullet, as a Louisville receiver drops a perfectly-thrown deep bomb.

8:03 – SU linebackers are completely non-existent, as Victor Anderson rips off a 20 yard run on a third-down draw play.

8:05 – ‘Cuse defense finally digs in its heels. Nice open-field tackle to thwart Louisville's momentum.

8:08 – Another Da'Mon sighting! This kid could be something special, folks. Nice work keeping the feet in bounds to get the big first down.

8:12 – Dantley to Davis…threading the needle on third down…WOW, there is hope! (on offense, at least)

8:14 – A flea flicker, really? Albeit, unsuccessful but it's nice to see a bit of pass protection and the weapons that SU has at wideout.

8:19 – HOLY DA'MON! Beautiful play from Dantley to Merkerson. While I was just about to write that I wouldn't have went for it (two minutes in half, Long could pin them deep and SU gets the ball to begin the second half and I'll stand by my guns), it's great to see G-Rob playing to win and getting some breaks to go his way tonight.

8:24 – Can SU survive a huge kick return and swing in momentum? If they can hold the ‘Ville off the scoreboard before half, it just might be there night. Wait, did I just give SU a legitimate chance at winning this game? I think I did.

8:28 – I approve the G-Rob call for a timeout. SU's got momentum, a rarity, and might as well make the most of it.

8:30 – After that punt though, it might be a good idea to be happy with what we've got so far and just run the clock out in the first half.

8:57 – Quick observation. When Dantley rolls left, his throws seem to sail. But when he rolls to the right, his throws seem to be much more on target.

9:00 – Unheralded Dorian Graham nearly records the pick in the SU secondary. Either way, the ‘Cuse hold on for a bit longer, exchanging three and outs with the ‘Ville. The longer they hold that lead, the more confidence this team can gain.

9:05 – The offensive line making some good blocks on an undersized Louisville defensive line and the ever-opportunistic Curtis Brinkley continues to take advantage in a big way.

9:07 – ANTWON! Mr. Bailey wriggles through a hole like a snake and skitters his way to a 39-yard touchdown, vindicating some of Greg Robinson's dubious choices in previous games to go with the young, unproven running back.

9:12 – LB Derrell Smith with a nice open-field play on defense for the ‘Cuse. Could this be the beginning, the dawn of a new era? Is this the fateful night?

9:14 – Nick Santiago = MANBEAST tonight on the line. Second sack of the night. This directly following a fortuitous bounce for Trent Guy of the Cardinals, where he scoops up a fumble and rumbles for a first down with it.

9:19 – Mike Holmes gets his name called for one of the first times tonight and it's a big play, as he makes the stick just shy of the marker on a third down. Of course, Victor Anderson then gets the first down on fourth-and-one.

9:22 – Louisville into the red zone now. ‘Cuse D forcing a turnover here would be epic. Realistically, holding them to a field goal would be a more reasonable expectation.

9:26 – We haven't had many chances to see what SU's goal line defense looks like this year. Here's a chance for it and the ‘Cuse gets burned by a fullback, of all players. Let's see if the ‘Cuse can hold onto a seven-point lead for the last quarter-plus.

9:33 – Do the ‘Cuse have fifteen good minutes left in them? They've not been able to put up sixty quality minutes in one game this season, but this marks just the third time they've had a lead going to the final quarter. (Their record so far in these games: 1-1)

9:37 – Grant Mayes, an unheralded freshman wide receiver, brings the noise with a HUGE special teams tackle. It indirectly leads to a personal foul penalty on Louisville, who seems to have switched Halloween costumes with SU. The ‘Ville has spent much of this game making many of the foolish mistakes and penalties that SU usually does.

9:39 – TIP FOR MELE! And the pass falls incomplete. I'm really starting to believe. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel (albeit, miles away.)

9:40 – And just like that…BOOM, it's all gone. Muffed punt and we can remember one thing above all others. SU has struggled to play a full sixty-minute game and thus, this one won't be over until we see the double zeros on the scoreboard. (Fast fact: 4th quarter scoring this year… SU's opponents 80, SU 13)

9:43 – Uncle Mo…err, momentum…is a fickle thing. The SU defense looks foolish on a screen play, but they then pounce on a fumble later on in the same play.

9:50 – SU's certainly looking better, but that killer instinct isn't there. Twice, they've pinned L'ville inside their own ten yard line and the Cards have responded by breaking off some runs and controlling the clock.

9:52 – WHOOPS, I think you forgot something! Second time tonight, a Cardinals receiver has the biscuit drop straight through the basket on a downfield pass. (Both were wide open as well)

9:57 – Not so sure about the logic behind the deep pass to Donte Davis on first down, but it's nice to see that playbook expand. Brinkley makes it all for naught though when he squeezes through the right side, breaks a couple tackles and rumbles for 46 yards. ‘Cuse in business once again!

10:02 – THAT'S MY QUARTERBACK…err, FULLBACK! Tony Fiammetta proves once again why he's such a dangerous weapon out of the backfield, as he gets loose to catch a Dantley bullet in the end zone. You know what? I reckon we could win this game. 10:09 – The bend-but-don't-break defense finally breaks and Louisville's receivers manage to haul in a deep ball. Once again, nothing's going to come easy up here in the land of the ‘Cuse for a while.

10:14 – The high-flying Curtis Brinkley at it again, getting a huge first down. Looks like ‘Cuse might be able to run out the clock and get this win…knock on wood.

10:17 – Well, it'll come down to this. A lot of field to cover for the ‘Ville with no timeouts and under a minute.

10:19 – Why does our special teams unit have to do this to us now?

10:20 – Bruce Williams also dressed up as Superman for Halloween. Here's to hoping that game-ending interception finds its way on to SportsCenter.


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