Boeheim postgame quotes (UNC-Greensboro)

"Offensively we played very well. We didn't turn the ball over. We got the ball in good positions. I thought Hakim was outstanding the first part of the game. He dominated inside offensively. When Carmelo got off to a slow start everybody else really picked it up. I thought Gerry played real smart. He got open, he made his shots. But this was a 35-35 game and I think at this stage of our season we're not ready."

"Somebody said something about playing Notre Dame playing three top-10 teams -- if we play three top-ten teams, we lose three times. We're just not ready for that kind of a game right now. Notre Dame's two best players are two seniors -- a fifth year senior and a senior who started for four years -- and their point guard's a sophomore who probably was the best freshmen point guard in the country last year. Those guys are just more ready for these kinds of games. That's why they play these kinds of games. We learned early against two teams, that are not close to the top-20, that we're not ready to play. And if we went out and played three more games, would it help us? I don't think so. We'd lose and I don't think losing ever helps you. I think we need these kinds of games where this team played well, they hung with us and if we played poorly offensively, if we had started missing some shots, this would have been a close game right down to the wire."

"They're a smart team. They're a tournament team. They've got veteran players and they really made us pick up and play defense, and we learned from that."

"The first half we played our zone and they scored every possession. And then when we went back in man-to-man, they still scored but we got a couple misses and when we went back to the zone, they weren't quite as fluid and we were going after them. I think our kids learned that we've got to be more active and make it tough for them. We blocked a couple of jump shots in the zone and I thought we did a more active job on defense. And that's going to help us. You need to play some good teams and we have played two good teams."

"We're going to play Georgia Tech, which is a top-twenty team, and we've still got Missouri and Michigan State, and our league is playing as well as any league in the country right now. We've got a lot of tough games ahead of us and I think we'll get ready for them in time, but right now we're really just not ready. We're trying to work hard everyday and maybe we'll be ready when we have to play Georgia Tech. Maybe we won't quite be ready -- I don't know, we'll see. When your two leading scorers are freshmen, we've got a lot to work on. Hopefully we will get better, but this was a good game for us tonight because we played a team that's capable of playing with you if you're not real careful and play pretty good. So this was a good solid win for us."

"He's just doing a good job of being patient when he gets the ball. He's active. He's playing much better on the defensive end. He's finishing well. I thought both he, Craig [Forth] and Jeremy [McNeil] were good around the basket. Craig was very active tonight. I think Jeremy's moving better. I think it's those guys that we're working the hardest with every day to try and get them going."

"He's just taking what's there. He's not forcing his offense. If it's there he'll take one but he's not really looking for it. He's looking to get the ball to people. He's playing good defense, even the man-to-man. He's playing as well as you could ask any freshmen to play. He's not turning it over. He's getting the ball to people. He's making the open shots when they're there. Nothing bothers him. He missed some shots in the first half and then came right out and made his first two or three in the second half."

"He's moved better in all of the last three games. He's moved better in practice. He came up and blocked the shot. He got some rebounds. I just think he's more active. He got eight rebounds in 20 minutes. He blocked four shots. He's moving around better. He's setting some good screens, getting people open, and moving without the ball and all that stuff he does to help us. Jeremy helps us with the things he does. They're two guys that both play a little different basketball and both guys have to help us if we're going to get to be a good team."

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