Syracuse – Connecticut Game Log

Syracuse Orange gets crushed in final home game 39-14.

7:10 – Illegal block in the back penalty saves SU, after UConn gets a first down on a tipped ball on third down.

7:18 – Fiametta with a rare mistake out of the backfield, as he drops the ball. Not completely his fault though, as Dantley throws it below the waist.

7:19 – Cody Catalina in and running a direct snap. A false start renders it useless and you've gotta wonder when David Legree is going to get his shot.

7:24 – New day, same story. SU fails to get anything remotely close to a push on third-and-short.

7:28 – Nice coverage by Dorian Graham on a third-down throw to force a field goal attempt.

7:32 – Robinson looks awful in the pocket. He's receiving playing time why? Because he was promised it when he was recruited?

7:37 – Backup tight end Ben Maljovec with a nice special teams play. (Side note: If you watched the game, you can't help but be impressed with Steve Andress, the SU senior majoring in broadcast journalism. Hats off to Steve for a job well done on the play-by-play.)

7:39 – Donald Brown continues to gash us. Senior safety A.J. Brown struggling early on in his last game in the Dome, with a personal foul.

7:41 – Senior Jake Flaherty drops back into coverage and make a great hit in the end zone to break up a UConn touchdown, forcing a field goal attempt to begin the second quarter.

7:46 – Another three-and-out for the Orange. The offense is completely out of sync. David Legree yet, anyone?

7:47 – Good to see Rob Long rally with a beautiful punt pinning the Huskies deep.

7:52 – Corners Kevyn Scott and Mike Holmes with nice plays on the ball on back-to-back passing plays to set up a punt…that's BLOCKED BY MAX SUTER! Little-known Parker Cantey recovers in the end zone for a TD. And somehow, SU has the lead despite having approximately 7 yards of total offense.

7:59 – The SU defense builds off the momentum and stops UConn. But where's the offense?

8:05 – The SU offense looks like a ragtag high-school unit right now and sooner or later, this bad field position is going to come back to bite SU.

8:07 – That time would be now, as an awful snap from long snapper Max Leo results in punter Rob Long being unable to get a punt away. Safety for the Orange. 8-7 lead for the Huskies now (and no, this isn't a baseball game…SU doesn't have a baseball team).

8:10 – Where is the team speed and heart on defense? UConn takes an end-around fifty yards to the house and I don't think SU laid a finger on him.

8:15 – Curtis Brinkley doesn't know the meaning of the word ‘quit.' Nice spin move to get the first down. And he busts off a huge run to get it into UConn territory.

8:17 – Chaz Cervino. Wow!

8:20 – Curtis shakes off about four tackles and nearly drags half the UConn team into the end zone, falling a couple of yards short.

8:25 – If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Curtis Brinkley to the house!

8:28 – SU's special teams has been hot and cold tonight. The return coverage…one of the weaker points, as UConn has definitively won the field position battle so far.

8:30 – Just when it appears SU is in the game, the defense gives up a huge play. Donald Brown gashing them down the sidelines for a touchdown. At the very least, SU's D is being gashed by the nation's leading rusher in this affair.

8:35 – The offense regresses back to its former horrible self (does anyone else think Jekyll-and-Hyde with this offense besides me?) and even throws in a few penalties to complicate matters.

8:38 – SU escapes further damage, as UConn decides not to press matters with an eight-point lead. We've reached the half. Whew!

9:01 – Key possession for the Orange to begin the second half. If they can get a stop here, this game might be one that goes down to the wire. If UConn hits paydirt, it's gonna be a large deficit for SU to overcome.

9:02 – So far the defense looks good, spreading out the UConn offense by putting pressure on the quarterback. And Max Suter comes up with a sack on third down!

9:05 – Dantley overthrows his target thanks to some timely pressure from Cody Brown and the rest of the Huskies' defensive line. Predictably, the throw is picked off. First turnover of the game.

9:09 – One positive for the SU defense tonight. The red zone defense has been impeccable, nearly perfect tonight, as they hold UConn to their third short field goal attempt of the night.

9:15 – Excellent effort by Van Chew, as he nearly comes up with a ball tipped by a UConn defender.

9:18 – If Syracuse can't find a way to stop this Connecticut pass rush, it's going to be a long second half. This last sack marks the 27th of the season for the Huskies and stymies yet another SU drive.

9:25 – UConn going for the jugular with a prolonged drive, featuring plenty of Donald Brown.

9:30 – Nice play call by the Huskies with the wide receiver screen, but SU just able to come up with the stop and get the ball back late in the third.

9:35 – Another awful offensive three-and-out for the Orange. What more needs to be said? David Legree, please!

9:37 – Orange special teams continues to disappoint, surrendering a back-breaking punt return for a touchdown.

9:39 – Andrew Robinson back in the game. And his first throw returned for a pick-six. Can we get this man off the field once and for all?

9:42 – To top off this awful ending to the third quarter, our special teams hero of the night, Parker Cantey, is helped off the field after suffering an injury while blocking on the ensuing kick return.

9:47 – Why are we running the ball up the middle, down 25 in the fourth quarter?

10:05 – Rob Long handles the fake punt and runs 25 yards for the first! Just in case you turned the TV off, yeah, that's the first real action you've missed.

10:15 – You didn't miss anything if you tuned out the fourth quarter. UConn triumphs easily 39-14 and we can only hope that this is the last home game for not only Curtis Brinkley, but Greg Robinson as well.

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