Why Is Marrone The Right Man?

Here's a list of odd coincidences and anomalies to predict why Doug Marrone will fare well as coach of the Orange.

·         The news about Marrone's hiring came out on Thursday the 11th.  On Friday, the 12th he was introduced with a press conference.  But Monday the 15th was the day that marked his first official day in office.  And guess how old he was on this very day… 44 years and 144 days.

·         Marrone's first official season will be in 2009.  Sixty years ago, one Ben Schwartzwalder assumed the coaching reins for Syracuse.  He would stay on for 25 years, guiding SU to its only national title and mentoring Ernie Davis, Floyd Little and Jim Brown, some of SU's finest running backs and wearers of the number 44.

·         Schwartzwalder took over the reins from Reaves Baysinger, a first-time head coach (similar to one Greg Robinson) who lasted just two seasons at SU (1947-8).  In the four seasons before the hiring of Schwartzwalder, Syracuse garnered just nine victories.  Sixty years later, they're in the same spot, except they've won ten games in their last four years.

·         The goal of this isn't to compare Marrone to Schwartzwalder, but both were regarded more as secondary candidates for the job when the search first began.

·         Sixty years ago is also the last time the Orange had four consecutive losing seasons.

·         SU has had 28 head football coaches.  Doug Marrone is the fifth whose last name begins with an ‘M.'  And we all remember who recently starred in a #5 uniform on the hill.


On a more serious front, it is being reported that Marrone may be close to hiring a new offensive coordinator.  Marrone has the resources, talent and means necessary to build a winner.  While he might not be the domineering type that controls the entire situation, Marrone is a dedicated man with a plan and he's already made great strides towards putting a coaching staff around him – the framework upon which all his future success at SU will be based off of.  And that, as a realistic SU fan, is about all one could ask for right now.

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