Talented TE nears decision

Syracusefan.com was able to catch up with Malcolm Bush to get the latest on his recruitment and his thoughts on Syracuse.

Jordan Lyndaker:  Where are you at in the recruiting process now?  You're apparently announcing your decision on National Signing Day?


Malcolm Bush:  It's still between Syracuse, Rutgers, Pitt and North Carolina.  I have not come to a decision yet, but I hope to have one by Tuesday night.  And I'll announce it Wednesday at Hackensack (my high school). 


JL:  What, in your mind, are some of the biggest pros and cons about going to Syracuse as compared to your other three finalists?


MB:  The biggest pro for me would be to win the starting tight end job as a freshman.  The biggest con is having the responsibility of building the program back up to greatness.


JL:  If you could coordinate the offense and play tight end, how would you incorporate yourself into a gameplan?


MB:  Basically utilizing myself in a way that benefits me most.  I'm not your average tight end.  I can catch passes and do many other things.  I love to catch the ball in open space and run with it.


JL:  What has the contact between you and Coach Marrone and his new staff been like?  Marrone just finished serving as offensive coordinator for the Saints. Is that a factor at all, seeing as how the Saints run an explosive offense and like to use their tight ends?


MB:  Me and Coach (Marrone) speak on the phone quite a bit and I love how he uses TE's. That's a big factor. I think wherever I go, I will come in and compete immediately and make a huge impact with the ball in my hands. I feel I'm one of the most underrated players in the country. My senior season proved that and I'm going to prove it next year.


JL:  How are your grades?  Will they factor into your decision at all?


MB:  Grades will NOT be a factor.


JL:  How was your visit to SU?  Any things in particular that you liked or disliked?


MB:  My SU visit was great.  I loved everything.

JL:  What is your most memorable moment on the football field and why?


MB:  My most memorable moment was stepping foot on the Giants Stadium field turf, because it showed me what can happen when you put your all into one goal. And it gave me motivation to get back on that field (Giants Stadium) after high school.


JL:  What are the strengths of your game and what are some things you think you'll need to work on?


MB:  My strength is running after the catch and I'm sure I can improve on everything.


JL:  Any thoughts on what major you're going to pursue?


MB:  Probably sports management.


JL:  What are you looking forward to most about college?  Least?


MB:  I can't wait to play big-time college football.  But it will be tough being away from my family.


JL:  Is there one coach on the SU staff that has stood out to you in your recruiting process and if so, why?


MB:  Coach Spence.  He's a real witty offensive coordinator and a relentless recruiter.

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