SU Stock Up With Hickey

Sometimes in recruiting a coaching staff needs to know how to just step back from a recruit, give them individual attention and not put any pressure on them to commit. Syracuse did just that with Murrysville, Pa., native Sean Hickey this weekend and it sounds like it paid off in a big, big way.

Franklin Regional Senior High School product Sean Hickey visited Syracuse this weekend and the 6-foot-6, 277-pound offensive tackle talked to on the drive home about how refreshing his time on campus was.

"I really enjoyed it and I had a great time getting to be around the coaches the whole time and getting to know the players better," Hickey said. "It's a program headed in the right direction and Coach (Doug) Marrone has already done so much to turn around the program by instilling the right attitude."

"I was looking at some statistics from a few years ago and Syracuse was ranked 110th in the nation on defense and now Coach Marrone and the staff have them ranked 35th in the nation with the same guys," Hickey added. "That just shows me that what he's teaching is working and it's great to be around coaches and knowing that this program is definitely going to take off soon."

"I had a ton of personal time with the coaching staff while I was at Syracuse and then Coach Doug Marrone sat me down and talked to me alone for about 45 minutes in his office," Hickey explained. "We talked a lot about the recruiting process and how crazy it can be and he shared a bunch of his personal experiences on it with me, so it was really a great talk. One of the things he stressed to me was that they really wanted me there, but weren't going to pressure me into it and to be honest, with all the pressure I have right now it was great to have a non-stressful visit that I could just sit back and really enjoy."

It sounds like the Syracuse staff is handling Hickey perfectly right now and after spending a ton of quality time with them, he took an opportunity to look around the university, something he didn't get to do his last time in town.

"When I took my unofficial visit to Syracuse in the summer I really didn't get to see much of the campus, but this time I walked around and it's beautiful up there. I mean, it was just a really cool place to be at and there's this great football history and atmosphere at the school. When I was looking around everyone was just so down to earth and laid back and I really felt like I could see myself being a student and football player at Syracuse. The academics also play a big part with me as I know Syracuse has a lot to offer to my education."

Hickey talked about when where he'll go from here, as he's also considering Boston College and Illinois.

"I haven't really thought about when I'll decide," Hickey mentioned. "I'm definitely going to talk to my family over the next few days and see where I am after that. I don't want to rush my decision right now, but at the same time I don't want to drag it out either. It's just been absolutely crazy, so I need some time to sit down and think. When I get that feeling in my gut and know where I want to go I'm going to let the school know. I'm not the type to drag things out."

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