Hay Commits to Syracuse

Head Coach Doug Marrone is selling a vision of what he expects Syracuse to be and right now players are buying into that consistently. When SyracuseFan.com caught up with Michael Hay tonight, he told us he just committed to the Orange and his main reason was that he wanted to be a part of bringing the program back to prominence.

As much as campus life, facilities and accomplishments on the football field play a part in recruiting, a head coach with a clear vision of where he wants his program to be can be more important than all of those factors combined. In the case of Doug Marrone, he knows what he wants at Syracuse and players are buying in.

One of those players is offensive tackle Michael Hay, a 6-foot-6, 280-pounder from Nassau Community College who just committed to the coaching staff on Saturday night and we chatted with him on Sunday to find out exactly why he chose to stay in his home state and represent Syracuse on the football field.

"I committed on Saturday," Hay stated. "I had a one-on-one with Coach (Doug) Marrone when I was at Syracuse this weekend and when I got out of the room I told my parents that's where I wanted to be, so I called the coach at Arizona State and let him know that's what I was doing."

"So, when I got to dinner I told the coaching staff I was coming and they were really excited about it," Hay explained. "I got hugs, got welcomed to the family and really just got everything I expected. I really feel like I'm in a genuine family now because throughout the whole recruiting process they were real upfront with me and always did me right whenever they said something. They have big goals up there and when they tell me about them I believe it's going to happen. They worked hard on getting better this season and they did every single game. I think with some recruiting additions and the same attitude we're going to continue to get better because we're willing to put in the hard work for it."

"I love the New York concept," Hay added. "That was really half of the decision for me because they're representing New York and I really wanted to stay at home and represent my home state here at Syracuse."

Hay talked about what he thinks his role will be stepping in.

"I'm coming in for January and I hope to make an impact right away at offensive tackle whether it be on the right or left side," Hay stated. "I'm definitely used to playing on the left side and I'm more comfortable there, but I'm a righty, so give me a couple transition weeks and I can do whatever they need me to do up there."

Hay talked about some other factors in his decision.

"The other schools looking at me all had good academics, but I felt Syracuse rose above them and to go back to what I said earlier, I just felt their vision, believe in it and want to be a part of it. Coach (Doug) Marrone really knows what he wants to do and I'm excited to be a part of that."

May was second-team All-Conference both years at Nassau as an offensive tackle.

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