Glashen Bringing Swagger to 'Cuse

The new Syracuse staff has been dipping into the state of Florida regularly now and what they'll certainly get in return are high school players used to playing at a different level of speed like defensive back commitment Gareef Glashen, a two-star corner who committed in November.

As I've stated before, I'm not really concerned with star rankings when I see a new coaching staff come in and recruit the state of Florida aggressively like Syracuse has, especially when they've done so with success. talked to Gareef Glashen on Friday evening about his recent official visit and he's ready to bring some of that Southern swagger to ‘Cuse.

"I took my official visit to Syracuse two weeks ago and it was really good," Glashen said. "We toured the whole campus and got to see a lot of the academic facilities, especially the business school. We also got to go to a basketball game which was cool because they're really good. I can definitely see myself going to some basketball games while I am up there as that was cool."

"After that they showed us where I'd be living which I liked and I also have family in Brooklyn, N.Y., so it will be cool because my sister and aunt can come watch me play," Glashen explained. "My relationship is really good with the coaching staff, especially DC who recruited me. I got to talk to all of them and thought they were very truthful and straightforward which was really important."

Glashen talked about what he thought about Marrone's vision of Syracuse in the future.

"I really bought into what Coach Doug Marrone said about Syracuse. He told me he felt like he owed it to come back to Syracuse and bring it back to where it was before and I really feel like I can come up there and help them do that. I have a lot of speed and I think I can definitely bring a different swagger to the team and lock down some receivers while I'm there. I really want a hand in changing the whole program while I'm up there. I'm hoping to bring some of that "U" swagger to Syracuse."

Glashen finished his senior season with 58 tackles, six tackles for loss, 12 pass breakups, an interception and three forced fumbles.

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