Gause Likes Entire SU Package

Syracuse had done a great job of diversifying their recruiting this year and making sure they bring in talent from all over the country, but they'll also need to start locking down in-state gems on a yearly basis and one of those targets for the Class of 2011 will definitely be Quentin Gause.

Quentin Gause, a four-star linebacker from Bishop Kearney High School in Rochester, N.Y., has an offer from Syracuse right now and talked to about his thoughts on Coach Doug Marrone, his recruiter, Coach Bob Casullo and where he sees the Orange going.

"Ever since Head Coach Doug Marrone came in to Syracuse things have really been going the right way," Gause said. "I know that in a couple of years things are going to be going really well for the program and I know if I went there I'd be able to really develop properly and make an impact there. I definitely have more confidence in the program now that he's the coach and Coach Bob Casullo has even told me that they're just recruiting much differently and bringing in top-notch athletes."

"I'm definitely going to visit there in February and check out the Newhouse School of communications as I'm really interested in that," Gause added. "Right now I have mid-terms coming up, so I'm just really studying hard to keep my grades where they need to be."

"What appeals to me about Syracuse is the way Coach (Bob) Casullo talks to me. He is always telling me the truth about what can happen in the future and I know that if I committed there I know if I play my hardest I'm going to have a very good chance of playing as a freshman there. He's essentially told me that it would be on my shoulders and if I take advantage of that opportunity I'd do well. Also, academics for me are priority number one and Syracuse definitely has that. If you hurt yourself in football you're done without an education, so while the program is important to me, it's just as important that I get a degree that will take me far. On the football side, I know that they used to be a powerhouse and are trying to get back to that now, so it's pretty obvious to me it's all about working hard to prove myself."

As a junior, Gause had 80 carries for 800 yards and 14 touchdowns. He had 114 tackles and four sacks on defense. He was named All-Greater Rochester at linebacker.

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