Syracuse Hand in Hand

A high-five. Sometimes that is all it takes to bring a team together.<br><br>With 2:33 left in a tie game last night against St. John's, Kueth Duany and Gerry McNamara, did just that at the top of the Orangemen 2-3 zone.<br><br>The same thing happened at the 2:02 mark. It was just a simple touch of the hands as they leaned towards each other, letting each other know that they were in this together.

It has been that sort of unity that has helped Syracuse emerge as a possible contender for the national championship. Something that was so blatantly missing from last year's team has shown through so brightly this year.

Get this: the teammates actually like each other. I know, crazy stuff.

For every DeShaun Williams spat and every Preston Shumpert whine from last season, there is a Billy Edelin fist pump and a Carmelo Anthony smile fit for Kodak this season. For every heartbreaking loss last year there is a triumphant come-from-behind victory. And for every one of Jim Boeheim's expressions of disgust on his face, there is....well, so maybesome things have not changed.

Team cohesiveness cannot be underestimated. The intangible quality can make a good team great, and dissention can send a good team into a tailspin. The latter was true of last year's team, who had plenty of talent to be in the NCAA tournament, but bickered themselves into a second-half collapse and out of tournament consideration. This year's team is young, exuberant, and eager to succeed. The looks in their eyes are those of determination and desire.

Syracuse has solidified a hold on a tournament spot this year. Some say they are too young to do much damage once March rolls around. But, honestly, the underclassmen will not know anything different than what they have gone through during the regular season. And one old saying I am quite partial to is the old addage, "ignorance is bliss." Oh, I could not agree more. Believe me, I have gotten out of many-a-tough times with that rallying cry.

The one thing that the Orangemen will know is that they will all be together. And because of that, the team has its fans high-fiving each other.

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