Johns Hopkins Men's Lacrosse coach Dave Pietramala

(Talk about Dan DiPietro as a player and as a person)
Danny is a nice young man. It's unfortunate that things didn't work out for him at Hopkins. I think it's important that everyone find a place that they feel comfortable. He just wanted to contribute more. Syracuse was kind enough to provide him with that opportunity. Everyone's here very happy for Danny. He's a pretty hard worker and for one reason for another or some of the things he did didn't fit.

(Were you surprised when he transferred?)
No. I'm not. Danny and I had talked. Last fall he had an opportunity to play. We had an injury and Danny did a nice job of filling that role. We went into the spring saying he's going to return. He's going to have to earn it back. We felt like we wanted to move in a different direction.
(Did you and Dan talk about this previously?)
Danny and I had talked a little bit after the season before out team went to Japan. Coach, what do you think, am I going to play next year? I couldn't guarantee that. We had a couple of guys returning so I couldn't make him that guarantee. He was honest and forthright in school. It's not school. I just don't feel like I have that opportunity here. When he said that, I encouraged that. We went out of our way to help Danny find a home. I don't believe in not doing that.

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