Summer Visit Possible

Three-star offensive guard Donavon Clark already has double-digit scholarship offers and the Cincinnati, Ohio native just picked up an offer from the Syracuse Orange. We caught up with him on Sunday to find out what his thoughts are on the school and it sounds like he's just starting to learn about them.

Donavon Clark, a 6-foot-4, 300-pound offensive guard from Finneytown High School just picked up his Syracuse offer a few weeks ago and while he doesn't plan to make the trip up for a visit anytime soon, he's not ruling it out for later in the spring or early summer.

"I have 12 scholarship offers right now," Clark said. "I got my Syracuse offer and then Louisville and Cincinnati offered me right after that, so everything is looking pretty good for me right now. Some schools are looking at me as an offensive tackle, but some have been looking at me on the defensive side of the ball as well, so it's been different with everyone."

"I think Syracuse is looking at me as an offensive lineman, but I haven't gotten to talk to the coaching staff yet," Clark stated. "I just got the offer a few weeks ago and we just haven't gotten in touch yet, so I'm trying to find the right time to go up there and visit right now with it being far away. I've been on the website to watch some of their practices so I could see how things worked and that got me curious to see what they're all about. Obviously I want to figure out where I'm going to visit and that's part of it."

"Right now I'm looking at coaching staff first in making a decision, then distance and also their facilities. Distance isn't too big of a factor as long as I feel comfortable where I'm at and really feel like I have a good feel for the campus and feel like I'm going to be taken care of by the people where I go."

We asked if he had a preference between offense or defense.

"Right now I'm leaning a bit toward defense, but it's definitely up in the air," Clark explained. "A lot of guys on my team look up to me as a leader on and off the field and as an offensive player I do a good job of being physical and pancaking people. On defense, I cause havoc on plays and really killing it at the line of scrimmage. This year my focus is really going to be getting to the quarterback and make sure his face is planted down on the ground."

Clark is headed down to Louisville for a spring game on Friday, will be at Indiana on Saturday and then to West Virginia next week. He also plans to visit Ohio State and Illinois, so Syracuse is going to have to wait a little while for a visit right now.

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