Life After Football

Jaston George made the trip to Syracuse with two of his teammates on Sunday night and he contacted just as they were leaving campus on Monday evening to let us know that the visit went off without a hitch.

"I'm leaving Syracuse now and it went good," Jaston George said. "We got up here on Sunday night and then we came over to the campus on Monday morning and met with Coach Rob Moore. Coach Moore took us over to the sports management facility and they explained to us what we could major in and explained how the academic side of things went which left a lot in my head to think about and answered a lot of questions I had. I left that feeling like they care about football, but they mostly care about what you do when you leave Syracuse as well which is real good."

"After that we walked around and went into the Carrier Dome which was a big experience," George added. "It was cool getting to go inside something that big and see where the players come out and everything. Coach Moore mostly talked to us about school and football and was really stressing the academic side of things. His goal was to get us to the next level if he could, but his main point was that he wants us to make plays on the field and then off the field when we leave Syracuse. I thought it was a great message to send and it felt good to find a coach that cared about you more as a person than just a football player."

"I didn't know much about Syracuse coming into it, but after meeting all the coach and Head Coach Doug Marrone it really opened up my eyes," George explained. "There was no pressure and it was a great experience. You could just tell that they wanted the best for us as people and not just football players and that was important. Going forward they are a school that I'm really going to be looking at really hard because I am really impressed with them."

As George said before, Tidewater area kids don't always know a lot about Northern schools, but the Syracuse staff did a great job with him on this visit.

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