Attention Appreciated

Syracuse assistant coach Greg Adkins visited Brookwood High School on Wednesday to watch outside linebacker Cameron Lynch in action in the teams' spring game and it meant a lot to the prospect that the program from the Northeast would send a coach all the way down to the Peach State just for him.

Snellville, Ga., was the scene for Brookwood High School's first spring game on Wednesday and Cameron Lynch was excited to have a member of the Syracuse coaching staff on-hand to see him in action. We spoke with him on Wednesday night and right now he says that the commitment the Orange are making to him have put them in a great position for his services.

"Coach (Greg) Adkins was down here today and I couldn't really talk to him, so I just waved over to him," Lynch said. "It was really cool to see that he drove all the way down from New York to see me though. It means a lot to me that he drove all the way down to Georgia to see me practice, so I just take that as they have a ton of interest in me and that definitely puts them up at the top. I can't wait to get up there this summer and get to interact with the coaches and the players."

"The spring game went really well," Lynch added. "I played fullback on offense because we were working on that a lot today, but I got to show my stuff at linebacker too. I actually picked someone up and slammed them on the ground on one play and the crowd got pretty loud, so Coach Adkins got to see that, so that was good."

"I'm going to sit down and talk to my high school coaches about Syracuse this week and see what they have to say about the school. I want to get their feedback and also my parents are helping out too obviously. My parents feel very good about the Syracuse offer and were ecstatic when I got it, so they're excited to get up there this summer too and see everything."

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