The great Anthony debate

Is Anthony staying? Going? How will the tournament affect Anthony's decision? Hack Johnson and Wesley Cheng explore.


I can't put it in simpler terms. The NBA plays. The NCAA doesn't. Anthony's gone.

Behind LeBron James and euro-star Darko Milicic, Anthony's the next pick. He's got the size, upside and scoring ability to fill in for any team or make excellent trade bait.

Throughout the season, he' s a proven low-post scorer, can hurt you from outside and can bang inside and grab rebounds.

There's no question that Anthony's a great talent – those that were fortunate enough to see Anthony and James square off last year saw a duel that ended in an Oak-Hill Academy win, but a draw between the school's two primere players.

Anthony's just as good as James and has proven he can compete with the big boys.


Depending on how far the Orangemen advance into the tournament will affect Anthony's decision to stay or go.

A ride into the Final Four or Championship Game will cause Anthony to stay another year. Besides, I always tell my kids (who are applying to schools the following year) that college will be the best four (ahem, two for Anthony) years of your life. Anthony's the big man on campus and he's having a blast. Why stop now?

A taste of what a championship's like will bring him back. With a strong recruiting class and the maturation of a strong freshman group (Gerry McNamara, Billy Edelin), don't be surprised if Anthony stays for two.

"He loves college," Syracuse assistant coach Mike Hopkins said.

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