Defense is Key to Fields' Offense has an in-depth feature with TCU star hoopster Amric Fields, whose success on the offensive end of the court is set up by his play on the defensive end.

As TCU trailed by just five points late in the second half at New Mexico, the Frogs got back to back stops. On back to back offensive possessions, TCU got open looks from behind the three point arc, and both shots missed their mark.

The 71-54 final score was not indicative of how close TCU got to taking a huge lead in one of America's most hostile basketball environments.

Amric Fields led TCU in scoring in "The Pit" with 16 points off of 6 of 10 shooting from the field.

On the season, Fields is in a three-way tie for second on the team in scoring, averaging 10.0 points per contest. He is tied with senior J.R. Cadot and junior Garlon Green who also average 10.0 points per game.

Fields is hard to figure out for TCU fans. At 6'10, Fields possesses range on his jumper like few other guys of his stature possess. At some points, Fields can take over a game while one would barely notice he was in the gym at other times.

With easily the most upside on the Horned Frog basketball team, fans wonder when Fields will be ready to take the next step and be a dominant player on a nightly basis.

In Fields' mind, the key to his offensive success is actually his defense. "When I play good defense, I have played my best offense," Fields said as he sat in the Schollmaier Basketball Complex at TCU waiting to get some extra shots up after practice.

"In the first half against Wyoming, I was really focused defensively. I was active, and my offense was very productive in that first half. I think I had ten points in that first half, but in the second half, I struggled as my defense was not as good," Fields explained.

Head coach Jim Christian has spoke numerous times about Fields' continued maturation. Christian said that Fields' maturation is most easily seen late in games.

"Look at the Boise State game. Amric was struggling and five, six, or seven games ago he would have just said that this is not my night. He wouldn't have made those plays. But now he stays focused and makes two huge buckets for us down the stretch," Christian said.

As TCU heads to Dallas to take on SMU in the Battle of the Metroplex, the Frogs sit at a pivotal five game stretch according the Jim Christian.

He told his team that they have the opportunity to get on a roll and make a run over the next five games. That run will put themselves right where they want to be going into the last stretch of their season.

For Amric Fields, the next five games represents another opportunity to show exactly why NBA scouts have come to watch him on several occasions this season.

"I have learned to like coming off the bench now," Fields said. "I can see the speed of the game, and that's my role. During my freshman year, I thought starting was really important to me."

"Now I just have to get myself ready when it is my time to play," Fields said.

TCU fans wonder why would Fields not be starting when he represents TCU's most potent offensive threat.

Fields, a very pensive person by nature, likes the opportunity to feel out the opponent before he enters the game.

The situation with Fields is similar to Jason Terry of the Dallas Mavericks who prefers coming off the bench to starting. J.R. Smith, formerly of the Denver Nuggets, also preferred coming off the bench to a starting role.

Christian knows home court is key

TCU has won five consecutive home games including three consecutive home wins versus Mountain West Conference opponents.

"Our fan base really has not identified with the Mountain West Conference. Regardless of how good it is. It is the fourth best conference," Christian said. "There is more of an identity with the teams that are going to be coming through [in the Big 12]."

"In the Metroplex, we have not had, for lack of a better term, the conference understanding that the top players in the Metroplex need to be looking at TCU in the Mountain West Conference," Christian said. "That is not a knock on the Mountain West Conference because you have to have those players to win the conference. San Diego State and UNLV they get those guys out West."

Christian said that the difference in the Frogs' three toughest road tests so far have been the crowd.

"The crowd makes it tough, and it's composure and a mental mindset," Christian said.

This season TCU matched their student attendance from all of 2010-2011 in the first nine games of this season's home slate.

Season ticket holder attendance is the next to grow. According to the TCU athletics department, TCU athletics' marketing has set up a new season ticket holder rewards system.

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