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It's that time of the week, where Horned Frog fans get a chance to ask questions and get answers from the HornedFrogBlitz.com staff. What are the positions to watch this spring? What are position needs for the 2013 class? What are the Frogs chances for five-star quarterback Tyrone Swoopes? You asked…we answered

Can you describe the process for a Frog fan that wants to watch an open practice? I've always wanted to go, but I am not entirely sure of what steps I need to take? For fans that attend, what are the do's and don'ts?

"Best advice I have is to call ahead and make sure the practice is open for that day. They will definitely let you know if you'll be able to attend. As for do's and don'ts, the biggest thing is no cell phone usage while at practice, and certainly no picture taking."

Where do you see the Frogs trying to create new inroads in recruiting? We already know about a solid pipeline through Louisiana, and having some Georgia kids can't hurt. But do you see the staff making this a yearly thing and beginning to look more nationally?

"I think Georgia is going to be a state we see the Frogs start to push hard in future years, Keyonte Green is already being pursued. The staff hit homeruns with the 2012 class Jordan Moore and Zach Jackson and landing those two opened some eyes. Georgia is also developing the reputation of being the fourth best state for college prospects behind Texas, California and Florida."

Since we have had a little turnover, can you go over this? I live in Austin and know Glasgow used to cover here and South Texas and now Haverty is here. Do you know if that will stand in the future? Also, what are the areas that each of the other coaches focuses on?

"I believe Haverty will stay in the south Texas region, he did a phenomenal job in his first season as a FBS recruiter. He lost one player to the player's dream school and landed the state's top TE in Griffin Gilbert and top punter/kicker in Ethan Perry. All while recruiting against Glasgow while he was at Tech. As for where coach's areas are, Burns is still in the Arlington area as well as areas in Georgia, Louisiana and Florida. It appears Glasgow has taken over Justin Fuente's old area, west Texas and west Ft. Worth (Aledo, Everman, Crowley, Burleson, etc..), Clay Jennings has the I-20 corridor and Dallas ISD, Anderson is east Texas, Louisiana and Florida, Tademy has southeast Texas (Port Arthur Area) and parts of Houston. Williams is greater Houston."

Haven't been able to get an answer from anyone: Is that kid growing into a DE body, or will they look to move him to a linebacker spot?

"Terry is still adding weight, I will also be interested to see where he lines up once spring practice starts in two weeks."

How will the cornerback situation stack up next year, what do you see the depth chart looking like?

"This is going to be a fun spring to watch the cornerback position. With the loss of Greg McCoy, it's an open competition. In all actuality, both corner spots could be there for the taken. I have high hopes for Travoskey Garrett, he is the type of boundary you need going forward in the Big 12. I also believe Keivon Gamble will be another guy to push for a starting position. Jason Verrett did struggle early on but toward the end of the season he really developed into good cover guy.

For the TCU staff or even you personally; what do you believe are the most glaring holes for next year and what players are they looking at for those spots?

"I think linebacker is going to be a big position need for the 2013 class since only one signed in 2012 – A.J. Hilliard. The Frogs lost Tank Carder and Kris Gardner to graduation and another linebacker could be out with recurring injuries. Kenny Cain will be gone next year and Tanner will be a senior for the 2013 season, that's if he doesn't set the world on fire as a junior and has NFL opportunities. For now, the early targets are actually Louisiana prospects, Melvin Jones and Duke Riley, who have both received offers and both will be attending TCU junior days."

Do you see the Frogs trying to recruit some of the top tier Houston programs more? There seems to be a pipeline into Westside, but what about the Katy schools, North Shore, The Woodlands, Cy Fair schools?

"They will always recruit top talent in Houston. Eddie Williamson has done a great job in that region and every year there's a reason to go back to those schools."

What would you say our chances are of landing Tyrone Swoopes?

"I think the chances are good. Depending who you ask some will say it's TCU as the leader, others will say Texas, or OU. Ohio State and Alabama have offered now and he may end up with over 20 offers in a matter of days. In TCU's advantage, he has a great familiarity with the staff, he's been coming to TCU camps since he was in the 6th grade and has made countless visits to the school over the last few years. He's also on record of liking TCU's small-school atmosphere.

Obviously everyone is thinking he's going to commit to Texas at their junior day this weekend. I don't buy it. While Texas is obviously high on his list, I think he will take the same approach Johnathan Gray did, which is not tipping his hand and making sure he has looked at all of his options first."

Is there a general feel for the buzz/interest from the "2014 class" for TCU?

"Aledo had one of the top prospects in the state in 2012 with Gray, they may have another top player in the state with 2014 quarterback Foster Sawyer. I saw Sawyer play last season as a sophomore at Arlington Grace Prep and he was lights out. He is a legit 6-foot-4.5, 215-pounds with a strong and accurate arm. He threw for over 3,000 yards last year. In pads, he looks just like Casey Pachall did as a senior at Brownwood. The good news for TCU fans, the Frogs staff has been on him for two years and he has close family that has and still do attend TCU."

What do you see as the biggest position question mark heading into Spring Camp? Obviously shoring up the OL and DBs are big areas of concern heading into B12?

"I agree with you. Losing three starters on the offensive line won't be easy to replace, but that's the beauty of having one of the best offensive line coaches in America in Williamson. All eyes will be on the left tackle position. James Dunbar has received reps there the last two seasons, but is he ready to take on a full-time role. I like Michael Thompson to get a shot there, if healthy. Aside from Blaize Foltz, he could be the most important cog for the offensive line this season. One thing is for certain, it will be fun to watch these guys compete, and the size is bigger than in years past. I'm anxious to watch the development of Nykiren Wellington and Tayo Fabuluje.

As anxious as I am to watch the offensive line, I can't wait to see the safeties all battle. I remember watching the safeties last year at practice and just being amazed by the athleticism of the young redshirt and true freshmen safeties. I think Chris Hackett could've played last year and has to be the odds on favorite to replace Johnny Fobbs at free-safety. Jonathan Anderson had some ups and downs last year in part-time duty behind Tekerrein Cuba. I think every Frog fan remembers his emergence in the BYU game. Quincy Aldridge was another true freshman who came close to seeing playing time last season at strong safety. James Bailey, Jamie Byrd and Sam Carter are all players who could start and if not, add quality depth."

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